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10 ideas for a scary Halloween

10 ideas for a scary Halloween

Do you already have everything thought for  Halloween ? Because today we bring you  10 ideas for Halloween  that you can not stop doing. If you have already thought about your  Halloween costume , this time we will dedicate ourselves to some  Halloween crafts to decorate the party, to present the sweets to give to the kids and to play fun games.

You can have fun with the kids making these  easy and original Halloween ideas  , would you like to take a look at them?

Ideas for Halloween. The decoration

Did you like the  bottle bat  in the first image? They are very easy to make, perfect for decorating the stairs and the front door. The bottle is painted with black acrylic. Then you have to cut the wings on cardboard and glue them behind. To finish, glue two little eyes for crafts and two white triangles of paper to make the fangs. (Source: Kids Activities Blog )

Ideas for Halloween. The decoration

This spider mobile is made with black cardboard, fishing line and a branch. You cut several circles of cardboard, fold them in half and glue one half with another until you get a sphere. The more circles you stick, the denser the sphere will be. Before completely closing the sphere, you pass the thread through the center. When you have it ready you cut the legs and stick them to the sides. Tie the strings to the stick and voila! If you want to see images of the steps click on the link below the image.


These  lantern houses have enchanted us, because they are recycled and also beautiful. They are made with juice bricks, black paint and yellow cellophane. A while ago we had done some very similar, you can see the step by step here . To make the lanterns 100% safe, use battery powered led lights.


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