10 irreplaceable tricks to help say goodbye to oily hair once and for all

The problem of oily hair can spoil the mood of any girl. Tricks with styling, frequent washing, a battery of care products for all occasions – nothing helps. Greasy strands make the appearance groomed and cause a desire to avoid public places, and at the same time mirrors.

Lifegoodwithfitness understands all the pain of owners of often dirty hair, so I prepared tips that will help improve the condition of your hairstyle.

Wash your hair not in the night, but in the morning

Sebum is most actively produced at night. So try washing your hair in the morning or before dinner. A simple change of regime will help keep hair fresh and clean longer. And the mood is high.

Properly choose and apply care products

It is especially important for owners of oily hair to choose the right hair care products. Avoid creamy textures in favor of lighter ones. Conditioners are recommended to be applied only to the length and ends, without touching the roots and root zone.

It is necessary to wash off such products longer than shampoo: if the balm remains on the hair, it will become sticky, and very soon it will get dirty again. That is why some even recommend applying conditioner to the hair before shampooing. Carefully choose a conditioner for your hair type, otherwise it will make the hair heavier.

Rinse your hair with shampoo twice

To make your hair oily not at the speed of light, rinse it with shampoo twice . Everything is simple: at the first application, the shampoo will wash off the dirt from the hair and clean it. The second approach will help the tool more effectively affect the scalp and hair. Thus, the composition of the product will manifest itself to the maximum.

Pay attention to nutrition

It’s no secret that nutrition affects well-being. This is also true for hair. The abundance of fatty, sweet, starchy foods, as well as carbohydrates and spicy foods affects the appearance is not the best way.

Fiber and protein rich foods will help improve your situation. Vitamins of group B and food containing zinc are useful for the scalp and hair: add more meat, fish, carrots, eggs, black bread to the diet.

Apply less shampoo

Many of us are used to applying shampoo with a generous hand, forgetting that current products often foam beautifully. The shampoo is not evenly distributed because we apply it directly to the hair. It is better to foam it first and in this state to apply on the scalp and hair. In fact , 2 tsp is enough for long hair . shampoo, and for short hairstyles, a few drops are enough.

Do not touch your hair too often.

To wind a lock on a finger is a touching habit that has driven more than one man crazy. However, do not pull your hands to the hairstyle too often: the fingertips contain sebum, which when contact goes to the hair. Bottom line : they get dirty several times faster.

Wash your comb regularly

Wash your comb regularly

The comb accumulates dirt, residues of varnish, mousse and other styling products, dust particles. Not the cleanest ones also have hair. Of course, with the next combing, this whole bouquet is on your hair. Therefore , make it a rule to clean the comb and arrange her water procedures at least once a week.

Use a salt scrub for the scalp

The comb accumulates dirt, residues of varnish, mousse and other styling products, dust particles. Not the cleanest ones also have hair. Of course, with the next combing, this whole bouquet is on your hair. Therefore , make it a rule to clean the comb and arrange her water procedures at least once a week. Use a salt scrub for the scalp

A salt scrub of the head will help remove keratinized particles from the scalp and will regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands, normalizing it.

You will need:

  • 1/4 Art. l salts;
  • 1 tbsp. l oatmeal;
  • some water.

Stir the ingredients and apply the paste on wet scalp before washing, massage thoroughly for 5 minutes. Repeat the procedure once every 7-14 days. Such salt scrubbing allows the scalp to breathe and therefore function properly.

Baby powder instead of dry shampoo

Baby powder instead of dry shampoo

The benefits of dry shampoo have already been appreciated by many girls. However, it can be done independently. Just keep your baby powder on hand . This simple ingredient not only removes fat from the hair, but also adds volume to it.

If you have dark hair, be sure to apply a little bronzer to the roots. Some even recommend applying the mixture not as the hair gets dirty, but immediately after washing the hair, preventing excessive activity of the sebaceous glands.

Choose a schedule for shampooing depending on the climate and hair type

Climatic conditions are a significant and often underestimated factor that affects the state of the body as a whole and hair in particular. So, washing your hair daily is acceptable if you live in a humid climate and your hair is thin. The same applies to temperatures: in hot climates, the sebaceous glands work more actively. Accordingly, there is a need to wash them more often.

Living in a drier and cooler place? The optimal interval between shampooing is from 2 to 4 days, depending on the type of hair. The same applies to the season: hair gets less dirty in winter, and more often in summer.

If none of the tips presented helps, the problem may be deeper than it seems. In this case, it makes sense to visit a trichologist.

How do you solve the problem of oily hair? Share a valid recipe in the comments


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