12 habits that we used to consider harmless. But in vain

Everyone knows that staying up late or overeating is harmful. But sometimes even our seemingly harmless habits can pose a health hazard. Do you know that if you sneeze while holding your nose, you can get to the hospital? Or that chewing gum can not only deprive you of fillings, but also make it more dispersed?

Lifegoodwithfitness has compiled a short list of habits that skillfully disguise themselves as harmless but actually harm us.

1. Sneeze “in”

Suffer: respiratory system, vessels of the head, brain. In case of unsuccessful circumstances – the esophagus.

The main function of sneezing is to get rid of bacteria, viruses and dust particles. When you hold it back, bacteria stay in place. But this is not so bad. Imagine what will happen if you try to shoot by plugging the barrel. The same thing happens inside the nasopharynx – all the force of the “blow” goes back and can damage, for example, hearing, increase intracranial pressure or damage the esophagus (if you ate at the same time).

2. Use toothpicks

Suffer: gums.

Dentists do not approve of toothpicks. They are relatively harmless to enamel, but the gums suffer greatly. And it’s almost impossible to clean the interdental spaces with a toothpick. For oral hygiene after eating, dental floss is much safer (if used properly).

3. Sleep face in pillow

sleep on pillow

Suffer: breathing, blood circulation, spine, facial skin.

Sleeping, having buried in a pillow, is cozy, but harmful. In this position, breathing is difficult, the neck is in an unnatural and tense position, blood circulation and cervical vertebrae suffer. In addition, doctors warn : temporary wrinkles on the face formed during such a dream will soon become permanent.

4. To gnaw seeds with teeth

Suffer: teeth, gall bladder.

Sunflower seeds are tasty and healthy. But they should be cleaned with hands, and in no case  with teeth . Dentists will always recognize seasoned “rodents” by their characteristic notches. Also, seeds are contraindicated for people with gallbladder problems, and their calorie content is more than 500 kcal per 100 grams (a small glass).

5. Nibble any solid objects.

Suffer: teeth, gums and oral mucosa.

Enamel of teeth suffers even more among those who like to bite thoughtful paper clips, pens, pencils and other hard objects. For the same reason, do not open your teeth with bottles, crack nuts, ice cubes and candy. Plus, you can get stomatitis or pick up E. coli.

6. Tighten the toilet

Suffer: kidneys, genitourinary system, intestines.

In June 2018, a young gamer from the UK ended up in the hospital after he had never been distracted by going to the toilet for 8 hours of play. His intestines and bladder were so swollen that they even suggested a cancerous tumor. Doctors agree: it is harmful to endure, because at the same time the compressing muscles stop working properly, the risks of infections of the genitourinary system and constipation increase.

7. Wash your hair with hot water.

Shower woman. Happy smiling woman washing shoulder showering in bathroom.

Suffer: vessels of the brain, scalp.

If you like to bathe in a very hot shower, it’s time to give up this habit. Firstly, it can cause severe headaches and dizziness. Secondly, under hot water, the sebaceous glands in the scalp begin to work at an accelerated rate, and the hair quickly becomes dirty.

8. Touch your face and rub your eyes

Suffer: skin, eyes.

Various rashes, acne, herpes – these are the possible results of getting microorganisms from hand to face. If you rub your eyes, there is a chance to get conjunctivitis  – a very unpleasant infectious disease that occurs with inflammation, lacrimation, burning and photophobia.

9. Too often chewing gum

Suffer: stomach, teeth, short-term memory.

There are several consequences of chewing gum abuse:

  • The chewing process stimulates increased secretion of gastric juice. Therefore, chewing gum should not be taken before meals: this can trigger the development of gastritis or even stomach ulcers.
  • Chewing gum is harmful to teeth, as well as crowns and bridges. Fillings “corrode” due to increased salivation, and chewing surfaces are injured due to intense jaw movements.
  • Chewing gum affects memory. Its use improves memorization, helps to focus on tasks that require continuous observation. However, on the contrary, it worsens short-term memory , making you more distracted.

10. Read lying

Suffer: eyes, spine, skin on the neck.

When reading in bed, you must follow the rules:

  • Do not keep the book too close to the eyes (less than 25 cm).
  • Do not stoop or strain your neck.
  • Do not read on the side – the distance from the book to the eyes will be different, and they will have to strain harder.
  • Do not read on the stomach  – the spine will suffer.

As you can see, it is difficult to comply with all these rules. In addition, most of these postures contribute to the appearance of deep horizontal wrinkles on the neck.

11. Lick and blow small wounds

Lick and blow small wounds

Suffers: regeneration process.

What do you want to do first when you cut your finger? Blow it on or stick it in your mouth? Scientists from Harvard University have counted more than 600 species of microorganisms living in the human mouth. Among these bacteria, various staphylococci and streptococci are always present. Clotted blood on the wound is a wonderful environment for their reproduction. Treat the wound with special means, otherwise the cut will heal longer and harder.

12. Speak in a whisper

Young girls gossiping and having fun, one is whispering in her friend’s ear a secret

Suffer: vocal cords, larynx.

A study by scientist and former vocalist Robert Sataloff showed that most people compress and strain their vocal cords when they speak in a whisper. This increases the risk of microtrauma of the larynx. This is especially dangerous for those who have to talk a lot, as well as for those suffering from laryngitis.

And what bad habits that undermine your health are you struggling with?

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