18 signs of parasites in the body

Being present in the human body, the parasite has a fairly serious, pathogenic effect. What is it? Many mechanisms of action can simultaneously exert the same parasite on a person.

Hello dear friends. I am Natalia Nikolaevna Gordienko , an infectious disease specialist, an immunologist, and today I want to talk with you about an urgent, but little-known and rather hidden problem, such as parasites. Today on the Internet there is a lot of information and various links, sites, blogs, where this problem is very widely discussed. In fact, it is really relevant.

What are parasites in general? The word “parasite” comes from the ancient Greek “parasitus”, which means “parasite”. Why a parasite? Because it is an organism that lives at the expense of the owner. And, unfortunately, the human body can very often be the host for a huge number of parasites.

According to the World Health Organization, about four and a half billion people in the world are constantly affected by various parasitoses. According to medical parasitology and tropical diseases of the Russian Academy of Sciences, it is estimated that more than twenty million people in Russia are constantly infected with some kind of parasitosis.

In fact, this problem is very topical also because it is very difficult to diagnose parasitosis. It is clear that some kind of helminthic invasion (a large diverse set of parasitic diseases) is present in a person when the parasite has already departed. In this case, the person himself will come to a medical facility. Also, during preventive scans, something may come to light. But, unfortunately, this is a drop in the bucket.

What effect do parasites have on the body

Being present in the human body, the parasite has a fairly serious, pathogenic effect. What is it? Many mechanisms of action can simultaneously exert the same parasite on a person.

Mechanisms of action:

Mechanical impact. For example, if roundworm in the intestine, of course, it will crush somewhere, injure the intestinal wall somewhere, cause an inflammatory process somewhere. If, say, echinococcus is located somewhere in the liver or in the lungs or kidneys, tissue compression will occur accordingly. This is a classic, mechanical effect: bursting, pressure, impaired function of that organ or that system in which the parasite is present. A lot of not only luminal parasites that are present in the gastrointestinal tract, there are also many tissue parasites that can fully realize the so-called mechanical action.

Stimulation of allergic reactions. Unfortunately, when a person has allergic reactions, he begins to walk in a circle, to a dermatologist, to a pediatrician, to a therapist, to an allergist, but the presence of parasitic infestations in the body does not always begin to be excluded in the first place. But any parasite, even banal ostricia, can lead to the formation of serious allergic reactions, and they can be varied. Both on the skin and the defeat of the bronchopulmonary tree, frequent obstructive bronchitis, again in children can be a consequence of the fact that some kind of parasite lives in the intestines.

Influence on microflora. It’s no secret that man is the globe for the vast world of microbiota. The microflora that inhabits all our mucous membranes, skin, organs, tissues – this is the friendly microflora that produces vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes for us, helps our body live as a whole. And now, unfortunately, in the presence of parasites, it begins to die actively.

Immunosuppressive effect. Today it is clearly proved that the waste products of parasites dramatically inhibit the functioning of the immune system. They just block it. Moreover, for millions of years they have learned to mimic and hide from the immune system. They produce special anti-enzymes, thereby blocking the immune system, and sometimes a person with various parasitoses can be sick for decades. Which sooner or later leads to serious diseases in the body as a whole, or in a separate organ or system.

Exposure to antienzymes. Unfortunately, they can not only deplete our body. If we try to use vitaminized food, mineralized, to drink some vitamins and minerals in a complex, they will not always benefit us, because the lion’s share of them will be taken over by our parasites.

Neuro-reflex mechanism of action.Vital products of parasites poison the nervous system. And very often this can affect the psycho-emotional state of both an adult and a child. Any psychosomatic illness may be associated with parasitic invasion. In a child, hyperreactivity or, conversely, lethargy, tearfulness, a tendency to depression – all this can be a consequence of the presence of a parasite in the body. Unfortunately, even the banal, it would seem, harmless protozoa, such as Giardia, it produces toxins. Suppose they are in microdoses, but it is still toxins that are identical to psychotropic substances. Of course, such a child or adult with such constant poisoning will experience a serious load on the central nervous system. And from here there can be all kinds of psychological and mental disorders. Sleep disturbances, nervous breakdown, various psychological problems may arise. And not with the parents, not with the patient himself, if he is an adult, there can not even be an idea that this may be associated with parasitic invasion.

The most serious and terrible thing, in my opinion, is neoplasm stimulation. Any prolonged presence of parasitosis in the body can provoke a problem such as the formation of neoplasms, both benign and malignant. Moreover, this effect, to stimulation of neoplasms, can be associated with two factors.

On the one hand, a direct, damaging effect on the tissue of a particular organ.

The second action is mediated through a sharp inhibition of the immune system. The thing is that the department of immunity that is responsible for antiparasitic protection, the same department of immunity is responsible for antitumor protection. And if a cancer cell appears somewhere in the human body due to improper division, the deficiency of the immune system will manifest itself in such a way that it will not be recognized by our cells in time and will not be killed in a timely manner.

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