18 signs of parasites in the body

Being present in the human body, the parasite has a fairly serious, pathogenic effect. What is it? Many mechanisms of action can simultaneously exert the same parasite on a person.

When can a person suspect the presence of parasites?

I will now tell you a list of the clinical manifestations of parasitic infestations, in the presence of which you should quickly contact your doctor or come to us in order to clarify whether this is actually the case.

  • The most common simple clinical symptom is itching in the anus. Quite often, and people hear it, this is why many attribute this to the presence of parasites, especially in children’s practice.
  • Teeth grinding in a dream. Again, very often it can be in children’s practice. Moms suddenly note that the child began to grit his teeth in his sleep. Why is this happening? Very often, creaking in children can be associated with terrifying dreams. This is precisely the mechanism of action of toxic effects on the central nervous system and may be associated with the fact that the child has a nightmare and he grinds his teeth in fear in fear. This is one of the reasons. There are also other reasons. The formation of a trismus or increased tone of the masticatory muscles, this can also be a symptom in this case.
  • Drooling in a dream, drooling in the morning, nausea in the morning when brushing your teeth. These are all manifestations that can indirectly talk about the presence of parasitic invasion in the body.
  • Peeling of fingers and toes with desquamation.
  • Increased hunger, sometimes to fainting.
  • Allergic skin rashes. When I lecture to doctors, I very often draw attention to the fact that doctors are in no hurry to give antiallergic drugs to a particular patient. Understand first to the end. Are there helminthic invasions there, because a high degree of allergization, suddenly appearing in a person over a period of time, may indicate, first of all, that there is some kind of parasitic invasion.
  • Rashes in the eyelids, peeling them, swelling.
  • General weakness, lethargy, drowsiness, depression, mental disorders without known causes.
  • Any skin itch. Especially in children’s practice. First of all, it is necessary to exclude the presence of parasitic infestations.
  • Symptoms such as bloating, bloating in the abdomen, and unstable stools are disturbing. Any problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  • There is a lack of body weight, or vice versa overweight. With parasitosis, there can be both.
  • The presence of several chronic diseases simultaneously. Joints, bronchopulmonary tree, gastrointestinal tract. If suddenly a person begins to hurt in stages, then one, then the second, then the third, then the fifth, then the tenth, and at the same time there were no apparent reasons.
  • Feeling unwell, and the diagnosis is unclear. Such patients can often go to various specialists, try to examine one or the other. And, ultimately, the diagnosis will still be unclear, and health will remain poor.
  • Incomprehensible abdominal pain. Flying, suddenly appearing cramps, pulling pains. It is also necessary to understand, especially in children’s practice, with the presence of parasites.
  • Long-term toxic and allergic manifestations. Suddenly appearing, incomprehensible allergic reactions to food.
  • Persistent anemia. When hemoglobin is significantly reduced and poorly corrected. Think, especially in children’s practice. First of all, think about the presence of parasitic infestations in the body of such a person.
  • With regard to children, a lag in physical, psychosomatic, psycho-emotional development, hyperreactivity, or vice versa its inhibition, in schoolchildren poor absorption of material – all this can indicate the presence of hidden parasitoses in the body.
  • Long-term lymphadenopathies (a condition manifested by an increase in the lymph nodes of the lymphatic system). Lymphadenitis, either recurring or recurring, can also indicate the presence of parasitic infestations.

I have listed the main clinical signs of parasitosis. Notice how wide they are. And with these diseases, almost any of the specialists can contact the patient. It is believed that if you find at least two, three of these signs, then you are already subject to a more thorough examination for the presence of parasitoses, or an antiparasitic program.

I want to turn my attention to those who wish to be treated independently. If you come to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist: “give me something from the worms,” you make a grave mistake – you cannot do these things. Firstly, a pharmacy employee is not responsible for how you drink this drug. Not responsible for the consequences. Secondly, you can hurt yourself very much. Do not do that. In order to figure out if you have a parasitic infection or not, it is very important to consult a specialist, go through a certain list of studies, and only after that go through an adequate course of treatment.

I am for everything to be done professionally. In order not to harm the patient in the first place. Therefore, we will be glad to see you, come. If you suspect that you have a parasitic disease, I will help you.

All the best to you and be healthy.

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