A weekend to pamper yourself

A weekend to pamper yourself

Time for everything, except for yourself: 36% of French women complain of never having a free moment. We eat when we can or when we have to. We sleepstatistically less and less – when we are done, not when we want. And “taking care of oneself” borders on the feat, even the scandal, in any case with rampant guilt. The constraints exist, it’s true, but nobody wins anything to engage in a sacrificial competition. To run too fast, we lose sight of ourselves and we reproach the best loved for the abandonment of his strength and his pleasures. Stop two days or dream an hour in the bath, hydrate or massage … This sweet break not only reconciles with oneself: it allows you to recover good energy, to give.

Stop his watch to find his rhythms

Two days to yourself, at home. Head to head with his needs and desires. And if these forty-eight hours are really impossible to take, we decide to still take parentheses. An evening or Sunday afternoon, for example. And during this time we forget the official time. Because everything usually contributes to the loss of its own, intimate rhythms: one obeys the working hours, the timing of the home obligations, etc. The only clock to respect is his. We eat when we are hungry, we sleep when we are sleepy. It’s delicious to reconnect with his buried feelings, and very informative! We rediscover the muzzled needs of our organization, we then remember to “arrange” at best its imposed schedules and change a little habits: drink more regularly, eat less quickly and, perhaps, less and more often, etc. . With this stop on beautiful image, the body finds a kind of original innocence.

Drink and eat: pure, sweet, regressive

He also learns to eliminate: when at rest,diuresis is more abundant. You must drink. Water, green tea, broth, fresh fruit juice … And the operation “deflation” is all the more effective that it also reduces the digestive work. The stomach calms down to being neither jostled nor overloaded. The feelings of hunger and satiety return to their truth. For a few hours, you may want to live, as Paulina says beautifully, “spoon to mouth”: vegetable soup, compotes, yogurts … Or to make tiny sandwiches to everything we love. Because that’s what it’s all about: eating first what makes us happy. And think of the most innocent pleasure: the snack, with its amber tea and gingerbread tongues lacquered with white sugar. Make light, but above all, make tender.

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