20 Short Nutritional Tips to lose weight without effort

20 Short Nutritional Tips to lose weight without effort 

1. Want to eat cookies? First, drink a glass of water – often thirst disguises hunger.

 2. Another quick test for appetite is to look at an apple. You want to eat it – you are really hungry; no  the reason is not in food.

 3. Chew mint leaf. She fights fantastically even with a brutal appetite.

4. Get some rest! Proved: tired people eat more.

5. Eat slowly. Saturation feeling is delayed by 20-25 minutes.

 6. 1-2 glasses of water 15 minutes before lunch or dinner reduces appetite.

 7. Make alternative decisions. Want some ice cream? Choose fruit sorbet – it has fewer calories.

8. The hormone of fear – cortisol stimulates the appetite and “disables” the head Level sensitive situations and avoid quarrels if you do not want to get better.

9. Always have dinner at the table, but not on the run or in between times.

10. Eat from small plates. This is a “snag” for the brain – the portions subconsciously look bigger.

11. But the fork, on the contrary, should be as large as possible – eat 10% less.

12. Another mental trick is blue and green plates. They pacify our appetites. Unlike red, orange and yellow, which make us eat more.

13.Eat fruits between meals, and not after, as a dessert – reduce their caloric content.

14. Strawberry speeds up metabolism. Catch the moment before the berry of beauty and slimness has yet to disappear from the shelves!

15. Want some sweets? The strong smell of vanilla can deceive the brain and give a feeling of           fullness.

16. Add a piece of tofu to the lunch menu – get enough quicker and no longer feel hungry.

17. Carbohydrates – only until 17.00.

18. Hummus is a great snack for losing weight. It stabilizes hormones, controls blood sugar and energizes.

19. How do thin men Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Aniston start their morning? Drink a glass of water with lemon right in bed to start the metabolism.

20. Can’t live without cheese and milk? Choose a goat! Save 70 calories for every hundred grams.

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