Make Facial Skin Soak by Eating It

Make Facial Skin Soak by Eating It

Most women may think that clean and moist facial skin can only be obtained from treatment. But this is not entirely right.
Besides doing maintenance, daily food intake can also make your face clean and moist. There are many types of foods that have nutrients that the skin needs. So that skin health and beauty will always be maintained.
One of them is fish oil which is rich in omega 3. Fish oil is very good for making skin soft and reducing wrinkles. Eating fish oil can also improve skin elasticity, protect cells in the skin, and increase elasticity.
Eating vegetables every day also has a positive impact on the skin. Like spinach which if consumed regularly can moisturize the skin because it contains lots of nutrients. One of them is vitamin A, which can make skin smoother and softer.
Not only that, eggs can also renew all the cells in the body, including the skin, because it is rich in protein. In addition, eggs also contain sulfur and lutein which can increase elasticity and moisturize the skin naturally.
Fruits are also very important for maintaining healthy skin. Like avocados that contain many nutrients such as vitamins C, E, and unsaturated fats. This content can make the skin fresh, moist, soft and healthy.
There are also berries such as blueberries and acaiberries as well as keeping the skin moist. Because, this fruit has the highest antioxidant content compared to other types of fresh fruit. Antioxidants are very influential to counteract free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin.
“Fruit from berry groups such as blueberries, strawberries, and acaiberries are very rich in antioxidants and are said to have high or potent antioxidant abilities which will bind enough and high free radicals. So that they can maintain skin health and moisture so that aging does not occur quickly, “explained Muliaman.
In addition, consumption is also a collagen supplement. Collagen is an important protein to maintain skin firmness, elasticity and moisture. By routinely taking collagen supplements, the elasticity and moisture of the skin will be repaired from the inside so that the skin does not dry out and remain supple.
“There is one other type of food mentioned that greatly affects the moisture of the skin, which is a protein with one part of the collagen peptide that is clinically proven to help moisturize the skin,” he continued.
Collagen can be found on Diva Beauty Drink, a supplement containing 1,000 mg of collagen, elastin peptide, vitamin E, and super antioxidants.

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