10 Habits That Can Increase Diabetes Risk

10 Habits That Can Increase Diabetes Risk

Diabetes is a disease where blood sugar levels are high. Although sugar is indeed useful as a source of energy, but if the level exceeds the specified limit, it can provide health problems. There are some habits of people who apparently can increase the risk of developing diabetes. What are these habits? Let’s see in full in the following article

1. Shop without a Shopping List

Shopping without the most effective shopping list can make the risk of developing diabetes. How could that be? Shopping is certainly filled with various kinds of food and drinks that we like. Without a shopping list, we will darken our eyes and take the food and drinks we want. Without realizing it turns out that the food and drink that we choose turns out to be able to increase blood sugar levels.
Making a shopping list before we leave should have become a habit that should not be forgotten. Not only serves as a reminder, shopping lists can also control unnecessary expenses.

2. Avoiding Fish

Fish is one of the natural food sources originating from the sea which turns out to be rich in nutrients. Salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines are some examples of fish that can be consumed. Fish is a food source that is rich in omega 3 which can reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, maintain healthy blood vessels, and is also useful for reducing the risk of diabetes.
Experts recommend to diligently consume fish at least 2 times a week. By avoiding consuming, the possibility of increasing blood sugar levels increases. This can result in diabetes.

3. Avoid Fruits and Vegetables

Tidka is far different from point 9. Avoiding fruits and vegetables can also be a factor in increasing diabetes. Fruits are actually the best choice for humans if you want to eat sweet foods. This is because the fruit does not contain artificial sweeteners. Unlike food that was advertised on television.
Consuming large amounts of vegetables such as spinach, pumpkin, tomatoes, and broccoli is the best choice if you want to control blood sugar levels. Fresh vegetables are now also very easy to find. Not only sold on the market, now vegetables can also be found in a number of supermarkets.

4. Irregular Eating

Irregular eating or eating all we want turns out to play a big role in increasing blood sugar levels. It can be trusted or not the condition of a person’s heart can also affect the amount of food consumed or not. According to a study conducted in the Netherlands, the researchers concluded that people with depressions were more likely to consume large amounts of food.
Don’t stop there. Eating food carelessly at the wrong time can also make blood sugar skyrocket sharply. The wrong time that people usually use to eat is usually at night. Eating snacks that really shouldn’t be done at night is one of them.

5. Not getting enough sleep

Are you a person who has trouble sleeping or likes to stay up late? If so, then you have to reduce this one habit. Not getting enough sleep is one thing that turns out to make you get diabetes. Normally, humans need hours of sleep 7-8 hours, if you sleep less than that, it can disrupt the body’s hormones which are in control of blood sugar and hungry.
In addition, if possible, 2 hours before bedtime do not consume foods that are too heavy so the stomach is not too full. Stomach that is too full makes our sleep more night.

6. Too Many Eat Butter

Do you like to use butter on the bread you eat? How much butter do you spread over your bread? If the butter is as thick as bread, then there is bad news for you. Butter and other fatty foods have a relationship with insulin resistance, which can increase the risk of diabetes.
Oil sourced from vegetables is the best choice for your health. One of them is olive oil. Safe for the heart and also the oil is safe for use by diabetics. Even so, it does not mean that we are free to consume the oil excessively. Keep the measure so it doesn’t overdo it.

7. Eat Snacks at Night

Snacking at night is like a mandatory activity carried out by many people. Watch shows that we like while accompanied by our favorite snacks. There is no other pleasure that can defeat him. The snacking habits also can deliver blood sugar levels to a higher level.
As discussed earlier, 2 hours before going to bed it is recommended that we do not fill our stomach with other heavy foods especially snacks. Even if it’s called a snack but a high calorie level and its composition can make blood sugar increase.

8. Consume too much carbohydrates

Pasta, potatoes, rice, and bread are only some types of food containing carbohydrates that are often consumed by people. Carbohydrates are indeed needed by the body as the main source of energy, but consuming too much can cause blood sugar to increase.
It is recommended by experts to be more able to limit foods that contain high carbohydrates. Some alternative foods have actually been recommended by some experts such as replacing white rice with brown rice, white bread with whole wheat bread. The two foods are said not to contain carbohydrates that are too high when compared to white rice and white bread.

9. Past breakfast

Everyone is in a hurry to be able to come to the office on time. So rushed we were willing to skip breakfast. Though breakfast is one thing that can help control blood sugar levels in the body.
Letting yourself starve to lunch can affect insulin and blood sugar. This can lead to revenge by consuming lots of food at lunch time. The recommended advice is to take a little time to consume simple foods at breakfast such as eggs, peanut butter, fruits, yogurt, and whole wheat bread.

10. Consuming Sweet Foods and Drinks

Everyone likes sweet foods or drinks. Researchers at Harvard argue after looking at the results of studies conducted on people who consume sweet drinks. It turns out that sweet drinks are a big reason why Americans are overweight.
Experts recommend that if you are thirsty, drink water. Besides not having calories, water is a murini drink that does not contain artificial sweeteners. Besides water, low-fat milk can also be the second best choice.

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