Simple Tips for Dieting

Simple Tips for Dieting

You want to have an ideal body weight but do not know what your ideal body weight and pattern of activities that you can do to have an ideal and proportional body shape.
Here are summarized some simple tips that can be done every day to maintain fitness and health of your body in achieving ideal body weight.


Both men and women definitely want an ideal body weight and have a proportional body shape, but do you know a simple way to calculate your ideal body weight?
Method 1:
Ideal Body Weight (BBI) = (Height – 100) x 0.9 (90%)
For example, you have a height of 170 cm (Centimeter), so to calculate it is:
Ideal Body Weight (BBI) = (170 – 100) x 0.9 = 63 Kilograms.
If you weigh 10-20% more than your ideal body weight, you have excess weight
(63 Kilogram x 10%) + BBI = 69.3 Kilogram (Your weight above 69.3 – 75.6 Kg means you are overweight).
If you weigh 20% more than your ideal weight means you are overweight / obese.
(63 Kilogram x 20%) + BBI = 75.6 Kg (Your weight above 75.6 kilograms means you are overweight).
If your body weight is less than 10% of your ideal body weight, it means you are thin.
BBI – (63 Kilograms x 10%) = 56.7 (Your weight is below 56.7 or equal to 56.7 means you are thin).
Method 2:
This second method uses calculations with your Body Mass Index by dividing your weight now with your height.
Ideal Body Weight (BBI) = Body Weight: Square (Rank 2) of Height (Meter)
If you have a weight of 65 kg and a height of 1.65 meters. Then your Ideal Body Weight is 65: (1.65 x 1.65) = 23.8
List of Ideal Body Weight Index:
BBI <17 = You lack a lot of weight.
17 = You Are Low Weight.
18.4 – 21 = Normal.
21.1 – 27 = You are overweight.
27.1 – 30 = You are overweight
BBI> 30 = You are overweight / heavy.
BBI above shows the number 23.8 which means you are in the fat category.
Of course, diet is a very difficult thing to do if you don’t have a lot of time in your busy activities. Here are some simple ways to go on a diet that you can apply regularly every day

1. Don’t forget breakfast

By doing breakfast, it will help your body reduce calorie intake throughout the rest of the day. do this every day so that your body is familiar with your food consumption patterns.

2. Expand to eat Fruit and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables have fiber and vitamins that are very good for digestion by the body, eating fruits and vegetables every day helps in the digestive process in your body, because vegetables and fruits are processed faster in the digestion.

3. Expand Drinking Water

At least a day, drink as much as 2 liters of water per day, this will keep your body fit and fit.

4. Exercise

This exercise does not need to be done for hours, you can only provide your time as much as 30 minutes. do simple exercises or movements in 30 minutes with a regular rhythm such as walking for 15 minutes and doing other activities in the remaining time.

5. Adjust your diet with enough portions

Eat before you feel hungry because this will help you consume more calories, and stop eating before you are full so you don’t consume too many calories that your body doesn’t need.

6. Sugar free

Try to reduce your sugar in 2 weeks, so your appetite will decrease or disappear slowly.


1. Butter or Oily Food

Even though butter doesn’t look when it’s cooked, but butter has 100% fat, so you should avoid greasy or oily foods. For example Fried.

2. Mayonnaise

The amount of fat in mayonnaise is almost 70%, if you eat a salad using a salad-specific mayonnaise you should stop it.

3. Sweet Food

Foods that contain sugar have very large calories, as much as possible avoid sweet foods that are processed.
  • White rice and white bread, rice turns out to be very fast in the body so that blood sugar levels increase, the body will feel energized but the greater your desire to snack
  • you should eat too much white rice.
  • Chocolate, EsKrim, Cream, these processed foods have lots of sugar and too many calories.
  • Diet and Soda soda, soda contains artificial sweeteners, any food containing artificial sweeteners should be avoided, too much drinking soda makes a vacuum in your stomach and triggers your stomach (acid levels in your stomach increase)
  • Manisan Buahan, contains sugar during the manufacturing process.
  • Soy Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Flavoring, reduce these spices in your food too.
  • Expand eating fresh fruit and vegetables, eating fruit directly without flavoring will certainly be better in providing vitamins and fibers that your body needs.

4. Animal and Processed Dairy Products

Some animal milk products have high fat content, for example, full cream milk. and processed animal foods such as cheese, cream and so on. if you drink milk check the label to find out the amount of fat content.

5. Processed Food

Processed foods that are not yet mature and must be processed again and then you can enjoy it, you should avoid it.
  • Ready-made / instant canned food products, such as instant noodles
  • Packaged or raw sausages that must be processed as fried.
It would be better if you process your own food from ingredients that are still natural, rather than foods that are made in the preservation process.

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