9 Less Effective Sports to Lose Weight

9 Less Effective Sports to Lose Weight

Today many people are aware of the importance of exercise. Some choose zumba, yoga, pilates, or just jogging, swimming, and cycling. Some people choose exercise depending on their preferences or which is not too difficult to do. But if your goal is to lose weight, it seems that you should pay attention that there are some sports that are not very effective. Reporting from Reader’s Digest, the following nine sports are not recommended if you want to lose weight.

1. Yoga

Yoga is indeed an activity that strengthens the body and calms the mind but the exercise actually does not involve a lot of movement. According to Ariana Fotinakis, a personal trainer for, holding a number of yoga poses will only strengthen your muscles and not spend a lot of calories while doing it.

2. Stretching

Stretching provides more benefits for flexing and moving the body so that it can prevent injury while exercising. So from that stretch is always recommended to be done before exercising. But actually this sport will not release many calories so it is not right for those who want to lose weight.
“You better add cardio movement between stretching positions. With this you can still get the benefits of stretching mixed with cardio movements so that you can increase your heart rate and spend a lot of calories,” advises Ngo Okafor, a personal sports coach.

3. Pilates

Do you wonder if Pilates is on the list? Though sweat can come out quite a lot when doing the sport. It turns out that the benefits of pilates are preferred to flexibility and joint mobility and can also be said to be a good exercise for the core. With that good benefit, it turns out Pilates does not burn a lot of calories. If you want pilates as a way to reduce waist circumference, Ngo recommends doing cardio pilates.
“For example, pilates cardio is an exercise that is followed by slamming the medicine ball, jumping rope or high knees, and jumping jacks for 30 seconds each,” Ngo added.

4. Spinning

Spinning can indeed look intense but actually doesn’t burn too much calories because you just sit and don’t do much muscle movement except the leg muscles.
“You can’t burn as many calories if you use an ordinary bicycle,” said Cristy Nickel, a sports coach.

5. Walking

Walking can be an alternative for sports but requires a considerable distance and a long time if you want to burn more calories. Ariana suggests increasing speed while walking but not running.
“If this is too difficult to do until it’s finished, select several landmarks to go to. You can also choose a route that has many hills,” he added.

6. Lift the load

Lifting weights can be beneficial for your muscles and bones but does not have much effect on burning calories. By combining several muscles that work together, calories can burn more. Conversely, the muscle will burn more energy than fat so that the strength and metabolism will increase.

7. Jogging

There is no doubt, jogging can indeed increase your heart rate. But burning calories will be less if done at medium speed. Try to do it at intervals like spinning. Add a quick run for one minute to add to the interval training.

8. Sit Up

Matt Ng, a personal sports trainer, considers that sit ups or crunches are a less effective exercise because this is a bad way to burn more calories. Matt suggests doing this exercise between cardio interval training.

9. Golf

Golf actually sounds fun but this doesn’t do much for your body.
“This is more of a leisure activity than a sport,” Cristy said. However, according to him, of course, walking fast between rounds of the game will increase your body’s calorie burning.

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