30 Best Tips From Beauty Experts

30 Best Tips From Beauty Experts

We asked beauty experts about the inner secrets for smooth skin, sparkling hair, sexy lips and eye-catching eyes. Think of this as your ultimate get-gorgeous guide!
1. “Sunlight is a skin-tight enemy, so the number one product I recommend is sunscreen cream – worn after moisturizer and before foundation powder to protect skin from UV light.” Sally Penford, Education Manager, The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica
2. “Use the primer every day, not just to certain occasions. It’s like adding super-base and making your makeup perfect and last longer. “Debbie Finnegan, Senior Make Up Artist, MAC

3. “To get your hair shine quickly and easily, my favorite DIY secret is avocado ripe avocado and mixed with several points of coconut oil. Let this mixture in your hair for as long as possible, then rinse with water for sparkling hair. “Claudio Alberti, Creative Director, Urban Retreat

4. “In addition to painting on the outside of the lips with a pencil, you can draw at the top (cupid bow) for a full-blown tease.” Caroline Barnes, beautician Cheryl Fernandez-Versini
5. “Hair on the forehead is quite weak, so hair coloring process needs to be done more carefully – too much bleaching will cause hair to be damaged and thin. If you are diligent bleach hair, ask the colourist to start a bit from the hairline. “Andrew Barton, hair specialist, 10 Years Younger
6. “Always use body cream after fragrance. It can lock the fragrance and it will stay longer. “Roja Dove, parfumier
7. “Take the ice cubes, put them in a handkerchief and rub on the face three to five times to ‘tighten the skin and refresh the face. Better than Botox! “Ole Henriksen, a skin specialist in Los Angeles
8. “To get seductive hair textures, double-tong your hair. After using curling tongs throughout the hair, comb the strips. Then use the tongs for the second time in a certain part for the charming outcome of the day. “Danilo, spokeswoman Gwen Stefani
9. “Do not remove the longest eyebrows, because that is what gives the natural shape to your forehead. If you pull out too much, it will not match the bone structure of your face. “Shavata, an eyebrow specialist
10. “To get the perfect hair on a busy morning, use volumising spray on wet hair. Dry a little and set the hair loose on the head with two hair pins. Spray the hairspray and let it be a while as you make it. Release the ties and use the fingers to turn off the hair – it will make the hair look more voluminous and gentle. “Serge Normant, interviewer Sarah Jessica Parker
11. “Do not be slaves to the latest hair trends if it makes you lose confidence. Keep what suits your face, your hair and your personalities. “Lee Stafford, Hollywood celebrities and celebrities
12. “Keep lipstick longer on the lips by placing a piece of tissue on the lips, then blending with translucent powder.” Lisa Valencia, a professional make-up artist
13. “If you use a creamy facial cleanser, always apply non-alcoholic refreshing. It will gently open the pores and make your skin ready for the next beauty regime, no matter the moisturizer or night cream. “Noella Gabriel, Sales Director and Product and Treatment Development, Elemis
14. “Excessive exercise can be harmful. Weight loss that falls suddenly will cause your face to look older. Exercise is absolutely necessary but be simple. “Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, cosmetic facial surgeon
15. “To get a full lip result, outline your lips with shimmery pale gold highlighter. Do it after using basic powder and before using lipstick lipstick. “Tom Pecheux, Creative Make-Up Director, Estèe Lauder
16. “Hide your tired eyes with a highlighter mix and lower under the eyes to add moisture and brighten.” Lee Pycroft, beautician Sienna Miller and Reese Witherspoon
17. “Skrub your skin everyday but it’s sensitive! It can release blood circulation, thereby improving oxygen on the skin and looks healthier. “Marcia Kilgore, Founder of Bliss and Soap & Glory
18. “To get a good nail clue, use the base coat to get rid of the nail so it’s a nail … The nail also needs a ‘primer’ that prevents dyes from becoming faded.” Andrea Fulerton, nail technician to Lilly Allen
19. “A little bit of caffeine daily (one or two cups of coffee) can help lower your underarms.” Dr Fredrick Brandt, cosmetic dermatologist
20. “To keep your fake tan, I suggest you avoid hot baths. Cool the skin with a cold shower and dry cloth. Finish by sweeping the body lotion without fragrance for the color key. “James Harknett, celebrity tanner
21. “Before you tie a hair, spray with hairspray to create a tidy bond and last longer.” Reed, Percy Reed Creative Director
22. “The trick to get a radiant bright face is to put a faint red pic or red on the middle of the eyelids and cheeks. He made his face look healthy, like summer make-up. “Petra Strand, make-up artist and Founder of Pixi
23. “Dry hair at least 70 percent before styling products. The more wet your hair, the more liquid the product will be, the result is also less satisfactory. “Silvikrin, director of the Michael Douglas style
24. “Do not squint! The skin around the eyes is very thin. So use eye cream with SPF and always wear sunglasses for protection from sunlight. “Dr. Christopher Rowland Payne, Cermatologist Consultant, The London Clinic
25. “I like to mix the blush with a little luminous pressed powder. For a more perfect result, super-translucent broom finish before the mixture. “Frederic Lettailleur, European Make-up Artist, Yves Saint Laurent
26. “It’s best to use facial oil in your daily beauty routine. Facial oils are used to wash deeper layers and make your skin more radiant and radiant. “Geraldine Howard, President and Co-Founder, Aromatherapy Associates
27. Always apply the impersonator near the eye area and nose up too, not just under the eyes. “Kay Mantano, Creative Director, Myface Cosmetics
28. “If your hair is naturally brunette and it looks faded, soak with a tin of cola water to brighten it. Rinse with water after five minutes, finally use the hair conditioner to highlight it. “Carolyn Newman, Color Director, Charles Worthington
29. “Try to do headstand on the wall one minute a day to refresh the skin. Also to send oxygen to the head, brain and skin, and tissue detox on the face. “Emma Hardie, Facialist and Founder, Amazing Face
30. “Construct the eyebrows and clean them using a brush that has been sprayed with hairspray. Eyebrows will be tidy and last longer as you get professional services. “Cassie Lomas, Make-up Artist, Bourjois

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