10 Myths And Facts About Male Weight Loss!

10 Myths And Facts About Male Weight Loss!

Incomplete understanding about how eating right tricks people and pushes them to adopt wrong practices that marginalize habits for healthy weight loss. Let’s review the most common myths about male weight loss and learn the real facts to combat myths in order to maintain a healthy weight loss and towards better health.

Myth: The balance is an ideal indicator of weight loss

Reality: Frequent use of the balance to judge weight loss does not give a true picture about your weight loss. Reducing weight on the scale can be indicative of any loss of water, muscle or fat. The loss of water and muscle in the body will give a false belief of having lost fat. Inadvertently, muscle loss can actually reduce the body’s metabolic rate and thus reduce the rate of weight loss as well. The state of green weight can only be collected by tracking fat loss and gaining lean mass. The extent of fat loss can be achieved by doing a body assessment and assessment done at frequent intervals by qualified professionals such as physicians and physical educators.

Myth: People over 50 can not exercise more

Reality: People over 50 can easily exercise according to their choice, convenience and comfort. Exercise does not necessarily mean walking, swimming, or biking, but simple exercises such as walking and yoga are sufficient. Once started, a person may eventually adopt a daily conscious exercise regimen more suited to their time and level of comfort. Exercise, however simple it may be, can develop a positive outlook and improve the quality of life. A custom exercise regimen can be built with the help of a fitness expert.

Myth: Weight Loss Products Can Be A Quick Solution For Losing Weight

Reality: There is no existing product that can safely reduce weight and maintain it permanently. Weight loss with highly popularized and marketed products, are not proven by scientific or practical methods. Sometimes they help you to lose weight quickly when replacing a meal, a fad diet or some pill, but this proves to be short-lived and not able to sustain the loss attained. Above all, most tend to lose muscle and water than fat and thus succumb to health problems and not the result pointed out.
Some procedures help in toning the body but are very expensive and to keep up with the weight hit and the person has to ultimately resort to a standard toning exercise regimen that again works with self motivation and hard work . Learning the right dietary principles and putting yourself on a regular exercise regimen is the only solution for permanent fat loss and muscle gain. A slow and steady loss of 2 to 4 kg per month is most preferred. Only in EXTREME cases are weight loss drugs approved for weight loss. By extremes, we say morbid obesity, as an example.

Myth: I am aware about the inclusion of low-fat foods in the daily diet but unable to lose weight

Reality: One may be eating less fat and having a reduced percentage of calories from fat in the diet, but the entire caloric intake may still be higher than the total calorie production. To meet dietary goals, it is necessary to observe the total caloric intake. The most effective way to maintain weight is to stay active. Eating large portions of food nullifies efforts to control the intake of fat and sugar as well. You should seek to eat small nutrient-dense meals rather than large portions of food dense in calories. One should reflect on the nutrient density of food instead of just fat density or calories.

Myth: dairy products should be eliminated soon in weight loss

Reality: You do not need to eliminate dairy products on a weight reduction diet as they are the largest source of calcium needed for various body functions. Dairy products are also rich in good quality proteins and vitamins B, A and D, which are very essential for vegetarians. Above all, protein-rich foods make it easy to lose fat. Therefore, high fat dairy products should be replaced with their low fat alternatives since they still have the essential nutrients with fewer calories and fat traces.

Myth: potatoes, rice and bread only get fat

Reality: This is the biggest myth about weight loss. It is the method of cooking and the high fat toppings or sauces that make certain foods fat. One tablespoon of butter, margarine, mayonnaise or oils adds 100 calories. When food items such as potatoes, rice and bread are consumed in recommended amounts, then they are as good as any other healthy food. However, it is recommended that you eat whole grain breads and rice to take advantage of the highest amount of fiber.

Myth: Eating Less Meals Helps You Lose Weight

Reality:  It only results in a loss of energy, which eventually affects health and well-being. With fasting and great distancing between meals, one tends to lose only muscles and water. It is advisable to eat foods rich in protein, such as legumes, beans, eggs and low-fat milk to be lean and shapely. The complete lifestyle change is what is needed in order to maintain weight permanently.

Myth: oilseeds and dry fruits get fat

Reality: When seeking weight loss with a regimen, people tend to avoid oilseeds and dried fruit completely. It is common to think of them as something fattening. But in reality oilseeds are rich sources of monounsaturated fats and vitamins E, K and the mineral Magnesium which are extremely beneficial to the heart. They are rich in protein and fiber as well. Just a small amount is highly satisfying and fills up easily, leaving you with less hunger. Therefore, 25 to 30 grams per day of mixed oil seeds (nuts, peanuts, almonds, etc.) can be an extremely healthy snack. Dried fruits such as dates, raisins, figs, apricots can be excellent substitutes for desserts and fatty sweets.
Reality: If someone is eating most of the time it is essential to know how to make the right choice. One should be able to analyze the ingredients of a dish and ask for modifications in the method of cooking or in the choice of ingredients. For example, you can order a salad without sauce, choose soups that are not based on sour cream, choose more from vegetable based sauce, choose whole foods, choose vegetable sandwiches instead of fat-laden foods.
One can resort to nuts, fruits, liquids, dairy as snacks when you are traveling. Wherever you are, a conscious effort to eat less and lightly and in a balanced way with constant exercise will lead to consistent and constant weight loss.

Myth: Low-fat foods always have bad taste

Reality: In fact, foods prepared with less oil or fat can be as tasty as the standard preparation. The use of light curd, lighter sauces, skim milk instead of sour cream in sauces, in addition to salad nuts, can make your food much tastier over time. I, for example, can not eat ordinary curd cheese any more because I like it and feel a lot more flavor in the light curd. Choosing steamed snacks, hearty sandwiches, tasty whole grains and snacks like popcorn, fruit and vegetable salads, makes sense for a tasty, fat-free weight loss regimen.
Once health awareness enters a person’s head, it becomes automatically easier and more creative to make food modifications, making it possible to achieve perfect results in terms of nutrition and taste. This style of eating eventually becomes a way of life, giving you more health and the body you are looking for.
Have you ever had challenges while trying to lose weight? What myths did you believe before you started to lose weight? How did you overcome these myths? Share your experience and help other readers seek a healthier life.

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