Lose Weight With our 4 Sports Programs at Home

Lose Weight With our 4 Sports Programs at Home

How to lose weight sustainably? Rapid weight loss due to excessive deprivation is often short-lived. Doing fitness exercises to lose weight and eat rationally until satiety (but of course not beyond) is a program much better than a strict fast to lose weight and do not take it back. We can even say that fasting is the least effective solutions to lose weight permanently and stay slim. A large and brutal caloric reduction has a short-term effect. It is certainly possible, without sport, to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks, but such a diet has too little effect on the main causes of excess fat. The causes of the overweight are on the one hand the absence of a physical activity program based on a daily schedule and, on the other hand, a general eating behavior based on nibbling depriving the body of essential nutrients .

Lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks while eating little is very bad

Trying to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks following a severe diet to lose weight fast is paradoxically the first step towards weight gain! This is an opportunity to realize that diets are fattening and not lose weight. This statement may be surprising, but in the long run this is what happens. The fast way to lose weight fast is a bad idea. It is certainly possible to lose 5 kilos in 2 weeks but the more the diet that has achieved this goal is severe, the more weight loss is the result of a loss of water during the first days and muscle mass and the more the risk of regrossing then is increased!
For example, if after a severe weight loss program of 2 weeks you quickly lost your 5 kilos, it is very likely that this weight loss express will be the result of the disappearance of 3.5 pounds of muscle and water for only 1.5 pounds of fat. The reason is that for the body, this drastic reduction in caloric intake is a threat; Being hungry is a stress, the body reacts to this stress by sparing the fats that are the reserves and burning muscle tissue. Once your 2-week diet is over, you go back to your good old eating habits and you will quickly recover your 5 kilos … in the form of fat. It is for this reason that this dieting – weight recovery – diet called yo-yo effect helps, in the long run, to make you fat and become obese by increasing your adiposity. In addition, by having less muscle mass the body burns fewer calories at rest; the resting metabolism decreases. This change in body composition predisposes to obesity. Muscle strengthening is essential to increase the metabolism of rest and therefore to lose weight. Stopping eating and depriving yourself of essential minerals to quickly lose weight is a very bad solution taken in an emergency; it’s not a good long-term slimming diet.

The right program for weight loss combines sport and balanced menus

To lose weight and keep a healthy weight the right method is to follow this method coupling 1 or 2 physical programs and 1 food program
1 – a cardio training program for moderate exercise if you start the sport, for example our beginner’s running sport program alternating walking and jogging in fundamental endurance and / or our weight training program with body weight exercises. These two plans are followed at the same time by many of our visitors; at a rate of 6 sessions per week these alternate 3 sessions of running and 3 sessions of bodybuilding.
2 – a program of progressive modification of the food without excess with balanced meals but also without frustration and especially not a diet. You should not eat less but it is essential to eat better.

This solution leads to lasting weight loss because it allows:

  1. to burn calories,
  2. to build muscles but not to take volume,
  3. to prevent the body from reducing the amount of calories it burns at rest because it is the natural reaction of the body in case of excessive reduction of food intake,
  4. to be sure that the lost weight is fat and not of the muscle or the water as it provokes in a fast but temporary way perspiration due for example to the port during the physical activity of a belt of sweating

Reduction of the calorie balance

You have calculated your ideal weight and you have concluded that your goal is to reduce your current weight by 5 pounds. In relation to this goal, your action plan could be to do sports by following a muscular and cardiovascular endurance training 3 times a week and to eat a fruit instead of a pastry as a dessert at dinner or in the form of snack in the day. Thus, you will reduce your total caloric balance, the foods you eat less the calories you spend, 500 calories a day. If you adopt this behavior 5 days out of 7, you will be able to lose 0.750 kilo in 2 weeks (3500 calories = 0.5 kilo of fat). You can lose 5 pounds in about 3 and a half months. It’s a little longer than a miracle diet, but at least losing weight is just a fat loss; you do not have to change your lifestyle radically; the feeling of hunger is less strong without the ingestion of appetite suppressants and it is easier to keep your new weight in the long run. Adopting mostly fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, nibbling an apple instead of a dessert and a few fitness exercises to eliminate are the only changes in your lifestyle. If you really like cakes think gingerbread; it is the only cake not to contain lipids but only carbohydrates. It’s perfect for breakfast or as a snack during the day.
This dietary approach associated with cardio-vascular activation is the 4th of the 7 main methods for slimming established by entrainement This is the first really positive step taken to acquire a weight of form; frustration due to plan restrictions is replaced by a long-term commitment and clear decisions. You can take inspiration from the 12-Exercise Fitness Program in the next chapter for your weight loss exercises or the Rope-Squat exercise program if you have a jump rope and … a broomstick. One of the consequences of the above is that if you want to lose your 5 kilos before the summer and have a flat stomach must start this program at best in early March. The longer you wait, the more you will be tempted by an express diet to lose fat whose effects, make no mistake, will be of very short duration.

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