24 Recipes that show that vegetarians only eat lettuce

24 Recipes that show that vegetarians only eat lettuce

“Vegetarians eat what?” Who never asked that question to shoot the first tomato. The diet called vegetarianism excludes all types of meat from the menu. Veganism, in addition to the meat itself, does not consume products of animal origin, such as eggs, dairy products and honey. That is, there is nothing about it, right?
None of this! Many people who think that vegetarian and vegan food are unfair, in fact they feed very well and in a very varied way. The movement has grown so much in Brazil in recent years that it has placed us in the eighth position in the world with the largest number of vegetarians – about 8% of the population, according to the latest Ibope Institute survey in 2012.
Currently the vegan market is growing 40% per year on national territory, options for sweet and savory dishes are not lacking. If you are already adept in the movement, if you think of participating or are just curious, you are at the right address here. We separate incredible and simple recipes that you can make to get you started today. Look at it! Vegetarian Vegetarian recipes and vegan salt
1. Vegan burrito with nacho sauce: this is the burrito with nacho-cheese sauce, of course no cheese, the most incredible you will experience. The secret of taste and consistency is in the mix of red chili, cayenne pepper, chili, lemon, garlic and nutritional yeast: let everything thicken after a beating in the liquidify, thicken the pasta overnight in the fridge.
2. Aardappel gevuld met broccoli-crème: bereid je voor op een knapperige aardappel aan de buitenkant en romig aan de binnenkant. De broccoli-saus is heel gemakkelijk te maken en kan elke soort plantaardige melk bevatten. Alles wordt nog specialer met de rauwe cashew cream die youtuber je ook stap voor stap leert.
3. Lasagne met verse pasta: ondanks de roem van de lasagne is dit een heel licht en romig gerecht. Het deeg is helemaal zelfgemaakt en gemaakt met, geloof me, alleen tarwebloem en water. De vulling, gemaakt met bolognese saus, bevat soja-eiwit.
4. Skillet-pizza: wanneer de honger strakker wordt en dat kleine koekje raakt, is er niets beter dan om een ​​pizza te vragen, toch? Maar met deze heerlijke en praktische veganistische pizza-recept, zelfs het maken van het deeg handgemaakt, zijn we zeker dat je nooit wilt weten over levering!
5. Zoete aardappel gnocchi: ze hebben nog geen gnocchi uitgevonden die smakelijk en voedzaam zijn als zoete aardappelen. Het recept neemt heel weinig bloem, wat de lichtheid van het gerecht garandeert, en is nog steeds in staat om veel meer verzadiging te produceren dan de traditionele pasta gemaakt met aardappelen. Veel plezier! Vegan
 6. Veganistische dij: het geheim zit hier in het deeg, dat zeer goed gekruid is met zout en natuurlijke plantaardige bouillon, en alleen olijfolie en tarwebloem neemt. Wees niet ongerust als het deeg niet op zijn plaats staat, zo is het. Van daaruit kun je je favoriete vulling kiezen – het recept suggereert hart van palm – en geniet van een volledig veganistisch poesje.
7. Veganistische parmegese steak: de bereiding van dit recept is gebaseerd op de seitan steak, die is gemaakt van gluten en erg lekker is. Na het maken van je eigen biefstuk, is de volgende stap om het zonder ei te bruinen en in de olie te bakken. Maak daarna de ovenschaal klaar met tomatensaus, de steaks en geraspte veganistische kaas, en je bent klaar je biefstuk tot parmegiana!
8. Portobello gepaneerd: nog een ongelooflijke gepaneerde tip is de gepaneerde Portobello-paddenstoel, die erg smakelijk is en bereid met weinig ingrediënten. Je kunt tijdens de lunch serveren alsof het een parmegiana is, vergezeld van rijst en aardappel, of ook om een ​​heerlijke hamburger te monteren.
9. Vegetarian hamburger: Have you ever thought that chickpeas and quinoa could turn into a tasty burger? Then play the video and see how easy it is to make this super audible recipe! Oh, do not forget to add the accompaniments that make the difference in the end result!

10. Palm heart moqueca: anyone who says that a moqueca is only good if he has fish, is very mistaken! This vegan version replaces the fruit of the sea with palm heart and both the smell and the taste are mouth watering. Look at it!

11. Large mac-vegetarian: get ready to meet the famous Bic Mac in its best version: tasty, healthy, without animal ingredients and with the special sauce that is so dear. This is for the whole family to enjoy without guilt!

12. Onion filled with Moroccan couscous: this roasted onion filled with couscous, almonds and apricots is an excellent addition to a dinner and even a Christmas dinner. The recipe is versatile and you can replace almonds with Brazil nuts, walnuts or cashew nuts. And instead of apricots, raisins.

13. Pasta with white almonds and mushroom sauce: do you know that white sauce that everyone loves and that suits every type of pasta? That’s all! And to finish it, it has no gluten, is light and very easy to prepare. In this recipe, it accompanies a pasta made from black beans, but you can make it with the pasta you want.

14. Vegetarian barbecue: Saturday off, why not barbecue with friends? Instead of meat, use okra, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, eggplant and portobello mushrooms. The secret of the barbecue flavor is, in addition to the barbecue, in the taste maker! See also valuable tips so that the mozzarella is golden brown and the coal does not break. Vegetar Vegetarian and vegan sweets

15. Chocolate cake: what can not be missed in a chocolate cake? Chocolate of course! But in this recipe here, the most important ingredient and also the most unusual is the avocado. So choose a ripe and soft fruit and prepare for a sweet, slightly moist cake with chocolate flavor!

16. Vegan chocolate salami: yes, it exists and the taste is divine, identical to traditional chocolate. Best of all is that the recipe, in addition to an excellent choice of chocolate without lactose, contains few ingredients and is very simple: simply mix everything, wrap it in foil and leave it in the freezer to give an alloy. It does not require an electric mixer or a pan. Very easy, right!

17. “Danoninho” from Yam: adored by the little ones and the little ones, this recipe will surprise the whole family. In addition to being vegan, the version is very healthy and nutritious, after all it is a mix of yam, banana and strawberry, all of course. Is it or is it not a great way to consume yam?

18. Mango cake with guava and coconut cream: imagine all this layered in a jar? In addition to being visually beautiful, this cake in the pot is a creamy delight, perfect for both dessert and serving on a June party.

19. Stuffed vegan Easter eggs: know two versions of mouthful Easter eggs! One is filled with cream of the kiss and the other with cream of paçoca. Hum! Prepare the dishes, because the next Easter will be a success!

20. Chocolate cookies: think of a perfect, very soft and tasty biscuit. And if it’s healthy, it’s better, right? For this recipe, brown sugar and demerara in the right size, takes very little oil and is based on flax or chia. Delight!

21. Vegan chocolate sensation: no matter how incredible it may seem, making the vegan version of Nestlé’s famous strawberry bonbon is very simple! You only need coconut oil and vegan ingredients such as semi-bitter chocolate, condensed milk, strawberry jelly and sour cream.

22. Nutella-vegan: to make your vegan Nutella, you only need a processor, hazelnuts, semi-bitter chocolate, vegetable milk, vanilla essence and agave. Keep the pasta in a glass jar in the fridge and taste it without guilt!

23. Pudding with fruit: Simple, different and very tasty recipe that only requires different kinds of robberies (can be blueberry, strawberry, apple, among other things), brown sugar, cinnamon and bread. That’s all! The pudding is even more perfect when served with vanilla ice cream.

24. Apple Cheesecake and Brazil Nuts: The production of this cheesecake is divided into three simple steps: dough, filling and toppings. The tip here is to make individual drinks and the result, plus a wonderful dish to see, is full of flavor! Test and call your friends to try it!

Now tell us what you have done to resist the urge to walk into the kitchen now to prepare everyone at once! What is your favorite vegetarian or vegan recipe? Write here in the comments!

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