How should men care for skin?

How should men care for skin?

Emphasizing that the skin care needs of men and women are very different from each other, Herbalife Global External Nutrition Product Trainer Jacquie Carter shared the basic differences between male and female skin and suggestions for care for men.

It really takes a lot of effort to convince men of skin care. While the words ler Skin care is for women only la we have heard so far, emphasized that the skin care needs of men and women are very different from each other, Herbalife Global External Nutritional Product Trainer Jacquie Carter shared the basic differences between male and female skin and care suggestions for men. .

The male skin with the female skin is quite different from each other in the structure. But it does not eliminate the fact that men, like women, should use skin care products. In fact, in some cases men may need more skin care than women.

One of the most fundamental differences between women and men’s skin is that men have beards on their faces. But when we look at it structurally, there are other differences that are not so visible. Male skin is thicker, oily, richer in collagen and is different in general structure. However, despite all differences, men may experience the same skin problems as women.

”Men may also have pimples on their skin, mixed skin, fine lines, wrinkles and many other undesirable conditions, en said Herbalife Global External Nutrition Product Trainer, Jacquie Carter, explaining the main differences between male and female skins and offering care for men:

Skin Thickness

How thick a person’s skin is; it depends on many conditions such as gender, age and where the skin is mentioned. For example, the skin in the eyelids is very thin, while the skin in our hunters is very thick. The male skin is 25 percent thicker than the female skin. The most important reason for this is testosterone.

While male skin is thinned with age, female skin remains unchanged until around 50 years of age. When women reach 50 years of age, they usually begin to slim down after menopause. Because the male skin is thicker, the amount of elastin and collagen is higher for women, and therefore it is more resistant to aging marks than women. Unfortunately, women are exposed to the effects of aging faster than men and are more sensitive to harmful UVA rays of the sun.

Oily and Dry Skin

Since male skin is thicker, sebum-producing glands are also more. Female skin fat production begins to decrease around the age of 20, a much earlier age than men. These natural oils help protect the skin, making the skin look softer and smoother. Therefore, while women experience more dry skin problems, men often complain of large pores and tend to have blackheads and white spots. In the menopause period, where skin dryness is further increased, it becomes a good moisturizing woman’s best friend.


When it comes to skin texture, there is a big difference between two genders. The skin is thicker due to the thicker outer layer of the skin. When we add differences such as hormones, fat and sweat glands, beard and shaving, we can say that textural differences are very important. Men’s acne problem usually lasts longer and their skin becomes more irritated.

Color Change

Sunspots, age-related stains, skin tone disorders, and hyperpigmentation are problems that affect both genders. However, since the hormonal balances of males change less than females, it is less likely that skin stains or hyperpigmentation traces will occur. In other words, men are more fortunate than women.

Shaving: Rotation and Sensitivity

Because men shave, they are more susceptible to hair problems, sunken and skin sensitivities. Shaving damages the hydrolipid layer on the skin surface, resulting in a reduction in the skin’s natural lubricity and protection. Shaving also causes abrasions and scratches, causing male skin to be more sensitive and easier to irritate than women.

So, how should men practice a daily skin care?

Stop Mold Soap

Choose a gentle facial cleanser to wash your face. You may be used to washing your face with soap, but this habit isn’t good for your skin. Soaps contain hard detergents and deodorants that are not suitable for the face. These contents can disrupt the pH balance of your skin and may cause the health of your skin to disappear.

Select only a face cleaner that targets excess oil and completely cleans dirt, oil, sweat and deposits, and gives the skin the moisture it needs. You can choose formulas that do not contain sulphate or paraben but are supplemented with antioxidant vitamins and aloe vera for additional moisture.

Start Peeling Practice

Because the male skin is thick, peeling is necessary and can be done more frequently than women. When you clean the dead cells regularly, you clean your pores and help reduce white and black spots.

Do Not Use Products That Include Alcohol

Since most of the after shaving products contain alcohol, it causes burning and stinging when applied to the skin. Put aside these irritating products that are not healthy for your skin. When these products are used, they can accumulate dead skin cells and cause their hairs to become trapped in the skin, resulting in wounds and irritation. Use a high-quality anti-oxidant anti-oxidant to relax your skin after shaving. So you can say goodbye to stinging and burning.

Use Sunscreen

Both women and men should use sunscreen before going out each day. But this is especially important for men. Men are often more exposed to environmental factors because they spend more time outdoors than women. In addition, exposure to the sun poses a great risk, even if you are walking a dog, doing gardening or driving.

Therefore, men and women should always use a SPF 30 sun protection factor moisturizer to avoid premature aging.

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