33 Tricks For Beauty That Will Cost You Nothing

33 Tricks For Beauty That Will Cost You Nothing

We bring you tips to help you save a lot in your home budget without having to “sacrifice” your usual care rituals. Indeed, you will be even more beautiful and satisfied!

1 With a little patience to the finer hair

Shiny, healthy and lush hair is the dream of every woman. But instead of putting hope in expensive miraculous preparations, it’s better to arm yourself with patience and focus on nutrition. Fish and almonds should be eaten as often as possible – these foods will make hair on the inside: the structure will strengthen it, and after three months it will look healthier. Also, be aware that many drastic child damages the hair: it will grow stronger, and the hair will be brighter and easier to damage.

2 Do not ‘ponu’!

Have you ever heard of the ‘Do not do’ movement? On the Internet there is an increasing number of supporters who do not want to use the shampoo (hence the abbreviation ‘ponu’) and rub their hair as rarely as possible. They justify their attitude
so that the state of the scalp should only be regulated in order to bring the hair back to natural luster and health. Whoever wants to try it, should only wash the hair for a maximum of once a week only with water or possibly
a mixture of two teaspoons of bicarbonate or volcanic powder mixed with a cup of water. Who wants to, can still rinse the hair with a liter of water in which you added a spoonful of apple vinegar. This kind of washing is required
minimal costs, and supporters swear in its effectiveness, even when it takes some time for the result to be visible.

3 Uranium overnight

This advice will help you beautify your hair. You need as wide a hair band as possible. Put it on your head and then wrap the strand on your hair. In the beginning, this treatment, which can work on all types of hair that I long at least to chin, requires little practice, but you will report very quickly. You need to sleep with the tape and the next morning you will be looking forward to beautiful girls. Just need to shape them with your fingers in the desired shape. Instead of a stretchable hair band, you can also use thin strips of cotton cloth (cut out from an old shirt) as a screwdriver.

4 Longer enjoyment with color

When choosing a new color of hair, one of the conditions is certainly the color permanence – you want it to last as long as possible. No problem, one who, when purchasing shampoos and regenerators, is careful not to contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), has already done everything right and avoids the premature departure of the hairdresser. SLS causes faster dye inking.

5 Blink Tip: First Spray Help

Hair Loss Does not Rinse? The cause is often jammed spray. Hold it briefly under the jet of lukewarm water and then you can use it again.

6 Dry home made shampoo

Beauty bloggers recommend using a dry hair shampoo that you can make yourself at home. Half a cup of white or corn starch mix with half a cup of baking powder and add 5 drops of essential oil (for example, lavender). Mix with the fork until all the ingredients are united in the cork mass. Pour the mixture into the jar that you have sterilized (in the oven or dishwasher). Who has dark hair instead of white starch in the mixture should put cocoa. Apply the mixture with a brush on your hair, leave it short and then rub. Shampoo lasts up to two weeks.

7 End of red

Does your skin redden on you? Try this home remedy: immerse the clean cotton fabric in a warm (no too hot) milk, lay it on your face and relax for 10 minutes. Milk acid calms and nourishes the skin under stress.

8 Bledunjav

Rub your hands one at a time and then put your warm palms short on your face. Close your eyes and consciously breathe and breathe. And as soon as you move your hands from your face, you will look fresher!

9 Goodbye to pimples!

One of the best tricks against unclean skin: Get your hands off your face! Whoever constantly consciously or unconsciously turns over his fingers through his face, forehead or chin, he spreads skin sebum and bacteria all over the face, and the skin becomes unclean. If pimples are created, you can fight them with eye drops: simply apply them to the pimple in the evening and it will disappear overnight.

10 Take a nap!

Try to always afford seven to eight hours of sleep. Estée Lauder, a cosmetic brand study, has proven that due to insufficient sleep, our ten is becoming uneven and wider. San is one of the best free beauty treatments!

11 Blitz Tip: From Morning Beautiful and Fresh

Are you tired in the morning? Here are the recipes that used the Hollywood diva: treat yourself with a one-minute massage of your face using ice cube. Delete your face with a towel and – that’s it.

12 Drink water – but right!

Drink at least 2 liters of water per day for health and beauty. The skin will thus be hydrated from the inside, and the pores will be less. But water should be continuously consumed during the day to hydrate the body evenly. Who drains a bottle of water from 1 l in only 15 minutes, overloads the body and the good effect is absent.

13 Sugar: it is less!

Are you bleeding and your skin is flabby? Are you getting red spots or acne on your face? The solution is to change the diet. Experts recommend that, first of all, lower sugar intake (this includes sugar in fruit and hidden sugars, for example, in pizza, toast or ketchup). Sugar glues collagen fibers, which makes skin look older. Vegetables, integral rice and good fats (olive oil, avocado) should be found more often on our menu.

14 Mat ten thanks to deodorant

This advice may sound strange at first glance, but Gucci Westman, the famous visual artist from the United States, guarantees the success of this tricks in an emergency: “When my skin shines, so I look like I was greasy, I put a little neutral part on my finger Creams are slowly drowning in critical areas – it’s usually the forehead and around the nose – and the skin becomes matte, “says Gucci.

15 Blitz Tip: Beautiful on photos

A very simple trick of professional models: gently lift your head, pull your chin forward, and breathe on your mouth.

16 An even better eye pencil

You will do well if you leave the pencil for 10-20 minutes in the freezer. After that, you will be better sharpened and better applied, and it will be harder to shoot. And another thing: a brown pen can be used for both eyes and contours of the lips.

17 Do you have mascara?

Air is the enemy of every mascara! Unfortunately, many women forget that before they apply mascara, they have a habit of pumping the applicator forcefully. Visagists advise that the applicator, i.e. shower, you just just pull out, gently wipe the surplus with a handkerchief and apply zigzag with mascara. So you will not only achieve the best make-up result, but will also last longer for the mascara.

18 Use the whole lipstick

When the lipstick is at the end, the bottom part remains an enchanting part of the charge that we never use. Perform the ‘rescue’ action in this way: take a box of creams, for example from a test sample or travel cosmetics, and put the rest of the rose you removed with a toothpick. It can be a home-grown variant of lipstick that will be applied with a lip brush.

19 The wisdom of applying the corrector

Gently apply the concealer as if you were starving the area around your eyes. So you will spend a smaller amount of correctors. And something else: apply it in the form of a triangle (see Tip No. 21).

20 And for makeup it’s worth: it’s less

In the morning, hurry and apply the makeup according to the motto “what’s more, the better”? If so, you have to do something, because you could appear in the office as a joker. Professional make-up artists claim that we will look more beautiful if we save on powder and blush, i.e. if you apply them precisely in a thin layer, and brush it, if possible. This will beautify not only ours but our budget.

21 Against the pandaefect in the eyes

You’ve got a new expensive concealer and in the photos you look like a panda with bright circles under your eyes? Hide the dimples as the professionals do: apply the corrector below the eyes not in the shape
onions, than triangles. You will be amazed by the pleasant change!

22 Eyebrow brush

Old, worn-out applicator for applying mascara can become a super brush for eyebrows. If necessary, spray hair brush – so you will bring your hair to the desired shape.

23 Hold, and hold, and hold ….

The gel-like eyes in the box is dried faster or is prone to dilution. In order to extend the duration of the shower, make sure that the shorter it is without the lid. Do not open it when you apply the shower – use only a small amount when using it, put it on a wipes and apply a shower to your eyes. Close the product immediately. The texture will not be exposed to the air for a long time. The gel-like eye in the box is dried faster or is prone to dilution. In order to extend the duration of the shower, make sure that the shorter it is without the lid. Do not open it when you apply the shower – use only a small amount when using it, put it on a wipes and apply a shower to your eyes. Close the product immediately. This texture will not be exposed to the air for a long time.

24 What is the SELOTOTEPS?

Probably you know how to get upset when a rug is made on a rose or shade to make it virtually unusable. The cause is usually skin fat that is transmitted through a sponge or brush to apply the makeup. If this layer is thin, splatter will be an excellent solution. Attach it to the top layer of rose or eye shadow and pull it. The fat will be removed and the product will again be as new.

25 Good afternoon!

Who loves, conducts a small training session, which includes as many as 34 facial muscles. But even if you do not have a partner for kissing, you can do something for the firm contours of your face: for example, fight against the sub-fold. Squeeze your fist, put it under your chin and resist when you open your mouth. This will take you five minutes a day and the results will be visible for two to three weeks.

26 Baking powder as deodorant

Do you have problems with excessive leg sweating and unpleasant smells? There is a solution and you do not need any special spray! Simply sprinkle a little powder for baking or baking soda in socks or shoes. Shake a little and then remove excess powder.

27 At home as in a spa

Would you like to have a healthy skin as if you visited a spa? It’s possible! After the shower, leave the cold water for 15 seconds. Then leave the hot water for 15 seconds, then it’s as cold. Let this change take two minutes. Those who can not stand cold water shower can do this treatment only on their feet.

28 Skinned skin

The ‘groin’ wrinkles on the décolleté are particularly stubborn in the morning, i.e. then most are noticed. You can prevent this situation by sleeping on your back or putting a small cushion between your breasts if you sleep on your side. If wrinkles and after that are every morning, make a cool cocktail. Carefully warm coconut oil, pour it into a plastic ice cube mold and freeze. Every morning, take out one dice of ice and smoothly cross it over the skin.

29 stop your hair!

Hair on your feet will not grow so fast if you apply baby powder before shaving. Thus, the hairs will be separated from the skin and the removal will be more thorough. And until the next removal, it will take less time. Except for this procedure reduces effort, it also saves razors.

30 A fragrant idea

Who smells good, feels good! It’s harmful only if your favorite perfume bottle is almost empty. But with this trick, its lifetime can be prolonged: when there is quite a bit of perfume in the bottle, undo the lid and fill the funnel with baby oil. This will give you a fragrant body oil that you can apply after showering on another wet body and leave it absorbed.

31 Have a laugh!

Make an anti-aging treatment that does not cost anything: a study by the American Psychologists Association has shown that people who often laugh or have a friendly, cheerful expression of the face, others evaluate considerably younger than they are. The skinny expression of the face, on the other hand, makes the person older than it is. So: laugh

32 Blitz Tip: View in the Mirror …

… does not make you happy? That’s why every time you do it, be sure to pull your shoulders backwards. Breathe slowly – you will look more relaxed, so your reflection and figure will appeal to you more.

33 Release stress!

You come home from work and follow up: homework has to be checked, cooking lunch, washing laundry, and still need to go to the pharmacy and to the post office. And now, after all this, should you take these tips into account and apply them? No panic! We recommend that you access the tips relaxed. Just do what you really want and what suits you. Because stress increases the cortisol secretion in the body, as well as the level of blood sugar, from the heavy burden and stress called ‘What else do I need to do?’ Your whole body and everything you do are in tension. It costs you good looks – can cause skin irritation and pale skin, more noticeable pimples and relaxed facial skin. So, be relaxed because it will make you beautiful. For this, it will be enough to close your eyes for 10 minutes or look through the window. Or just go for a short walk.

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