10 Benefits of Soursop Leaves That Have Been Boiled for Health

10 Benefits of Soursop Leaves That Have Been Boiled for Health

Soursop, this white flesh fruit originating from Central America is also popular in Indonesia. There are people who call this fruit rich in benefits with the name srikaya to jackfruit as long as.
Besides being eaten directly, soursop is often processed into juice to ice cream. And not only the fruit has benefits, soursop leaves are also useful for treatment. Here are 10 benefits of soursop leaves that have been boiled for health.

1. Cancer Treatment

As quoted from draxe, soursop leaves are believed to be able to treat various types of cancer including prostate, lung and breast cancer. How to get the benefits of soursop leaves: boil 10 soursop leaves, then strain and cool. Drink this mixture every morning for 3-4 weeks. Until now, soursop leaves are called one of the most effective cancer treatments.

2. Treatment of Gout

The benefit of consuming soursop leaves is to help treat gout. The trick, take six to 10 soursop leaves that are old but still green, then wash them clean. Boil the leaves in two cups of water and simmer until there is one cup of water left. This herb must be taken twice a day, ie morning and evening for maximum benefit.

3. Treatment of back pain

Take advantage of soursop leaves as an effective herbal remedy for treating back pain without negative effects. You can boil 20 soursop leaves in five cups of water until only three cups of water remain in the pan. Drink ¾ cup of this herb once a day to help treat back pain.

4. Treatment of Eczema and Rheumatism

Rheumatism generally occurs in parents. Soursop leaves have benefits as a natural remedy for pain. The recipe for obtaining the benefits of soursop leaves is by mashing up soursop leaves until smooth and smear on areas of the body that are painful due to rheumatism or areas that have eczema. Apply twice a day regularly.

5. Treatment of Diabetes

Nutrition in soursop leaves is believed to be useful for stabilizing normal blood sugar levels. Therefore, soursop leaf extract can be used as one of the natural diabetes drugs.

6. Improve the immune system and prevent infection

The nutritional content of soursop leaves is believed to be beneficial for boosting the immune system and avoiding infections in the body. Boil four to five soursop leaves in four cups of water until the remaining is only about one glass of water. Then drink the remaining cooking water regularly once a day.

7. Inhibits Tumor Growth

In addition to the benefits of soursop leaves mentioned above, soursop leaves are also very effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, parasites and tumor development. The content of antioxidants and compounds in soursop leaves serves as an anti-tumor, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial.

8. Treatment of boils

Ulcers or boils are skin disorders characterized by pain and are at risk of infection. Boils can occur on the body or face, thus disrupting the health and beauty of the skin. Soursop leaves are useful as a natural remedy to cure boils. Pick a few widths of young soursop leaves, crush then apply to the body boils.

9. Healthy Eyes

Research conducted by the National Eye Institute reveals that the antioxidants in the fruit and soursop leaves are useful for healthy eyes. Especially if combined with foods that contain vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene. This combination can reduce the risk of developing eye diseases, including cataracts by up to 25%.

10. Eliminate Hair Lice

In addition to body health, there are still many who do not know the benefits of soursop leaves for hair. Soursop leaves have the ability to inhibit the growth of parasites. Boil the soursop leaves and use the cooking water to wash your hair. Do this regularly so it will help get rid of dandruff to head lice.

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