8 exercises that will save from lymph stagnation due to a sedentary lifestyle

You spend most of the day at work at the computer and in the evening digging around on the phone? Then the pain in the neck, back and arms can become your constant companion. A sedentary lifestyle is harmful to health: the muscles become stiff, numbness and tingling appear.

Lifegoodwithfitness takes care of its readers. We chose simple exercises that relieve pain and tension in the neck, back and arms.

Neck and shoulders

Neck and shoulders

Sedentary work at the computer or long trips behind the wheel provoke tension in the neck and shoulder girdle. The result is pain in muscles, ligaments and bones. This is a serious problem: last year in the UK alone, 30 million people took sick leave because of neck pain.

Due to pinching of the nerves and blood vessels in the cervical region, vision falls or the head hurts . All problems can be avoided, you need to force yourself to get out of the chair and perform a couple of simple exercises.

Stretching the neck and shoulder girdle

Stretching the neck and shoulder girdle. Place one hand on the door jamb, lower your head and stretch your chin to the opposite shoulder. Perform 10 repetitions. Do not exert excessive effort: you should feel a pleasant warmth in the muscles. Then repeat the exercise with the other hand.

Pain relief and stress relief.

Pain relief and stress relief. Stand up so that his head touched the wall, and heels are 10 cm from it. Do not bulge your shoulders up. Spread your arms to the sides and complete 10 lifts. During this exercise, your hands should touch the wall.



Improper positioning of the computer mouse and keyboard, as well as the habit of keeping your hand on the smartphone weighed, can lead to tingling of the hands and wrist pains.

If you ignore the symptoms, discomfort can lead to  carpal tunnel syndrome (painful compression of the median nerve in the wrist). However, there are exercises that relieve stress and prevent the development of the disease.

Option for the lazy.

Option for the lazy. You will need 2 hand balls or a hand expander. Sort the balls or squeeze the expander during the working day. This exercise in between will protect against joint inflammation.

  • Warm up for the brush . Grasp your wrist and perform 10 circular brush movements. Repeat the exercise with the other hand.
  • Finger stretching. Grab the index finger of the left hand with the finger on the right and pull (only without extra effort). Stretch all fingers on one hand and then on the other.

Loin and buttocks

Pain in the lower back and heaviness in the legs does not mean that you are aging. Perhaps you have sedentary work, but there is no time for physical activity. Fixed sitting for several hours can lead to  pinching of the sciatic nerve , pain in the buttocks and lower back.

Doctors say that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to the appearance of cellulite. To avoid the development of serious ailments and cosmetic skin defects, you need to perform simple stretching exercises. They will improve blood circulation and provide you with health and beauty.

excersice for the office

Exercise for the office. Sit on the edge of the chair and stretch one leg forward. Slowly lean your body toward your leg. Do not overdo it: you should not feel pain and tension. Do 5-10 reps and do the same exercise on the other leg.

This stretch will help relieve tension in the lower back, gluteus muscle and relax the hamstring.


If you got your lower back at home. Lie on your back and lay a pillow or rolled towel under your head. Bend your right foot and place your left foot on it. The foot of the left leg should lie freely on the thigh of the right.

Grasp the right thigh with your hands and pull it towards you. If you  cannot grab the thigh with your hands, use a towel. Do not tear your buttocks off the floor and try to hold out for 20-30 seconds. Do 2 more reps, and then switch to the other leg.

Do you know back pain? Tell us how you deal with the consequences of sedentary work.


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