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At what age is better to give birth

Soon-to-be mother
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Pregnancy planning is a responsible and purely individual matter. Someone wants to be a young mother and by 40 to become a grandmother, and someone wants to devote time to a career or accumulate enough benefits and knowledge that can be passed on to a child. But recently, scientists completed one of their studies and stated that the first birth is directly related to life expectancy.

Soon-to-be mother

The editors of “So Easy!” Will tell you at what age to give birth to a first-born, according to scientists.

At what age to give birth

Even 10 years ago, everyone said that the sooner you give birth, the better for both you and the child. Like, the body is young and can handle everything. The norm for the birth of the first-born was the age of 18–25 years. Then it was extended to 28 years, and then shifted a little more – 21-30 years. But pregnant women over 30 in our maternity hospitals are often called old-born.

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But recently, researchers from the Portuguese University of Coimbra said that women who first give birth in 30 or more years live longer. They compared the life expectancy of women who gave birth at 20 years old and those who have a child after 30 years. The most important conclusion that scientists have come to is that the later the women gave birth to their first child, the longer they remained outwardly young and lived for more years.

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Also, women who give birth to their firstborn at 30 or more are less prone to senile dementia. And in the journal Menopause, the results of another study were published, which showed that in the DNA of mothers who gave birth after 33 years, there are certain markers that are responsible for longevity. There are no such markers in the DNA of young mothers. But at the same time, scientists cannot say why this is happening.

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Some psychologists and sociologists believe that mothers after 30 have a more stable psyche, so their nervous system suffers less. Others say that later mothers are more successful and educated, so they can afford a quality lifestyle, which again affects longevity.

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We think that everything is very individual. You need to give birth when you feel ready for it. And age does not play a role, the main thing is that health allows. Of course, the age framework has shifted long ago and no one calls 40 years old women unpromising old women, as it was 30 years ago. But a 20-year-old girl in our century can have all the blessings and possess the knowledge necessary for life.

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