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Halloween crafts: candy boxes

Giving treats on  Halloween  is part of the customs of this party, what do you think if we prepare some fun  boxes for sweets  so that the detail is even more fun? I am sure you will like these  Halloween Crafts that we bring you today!

We will see  Halloween boxes , bags and other fun ways to present sweets and sweets, would you like to see them?

Did you like the  pumpkin boxes in the main image? All you have to do is download the free Oh Happy Day printable, print, cut out and assemble the box. You can download it here , you will find the download link in the list of materials.

Halloween crafts, terrifying hand for sweets

What a good idea! And very easy! We just have to fill a disposable glove with sweets, close it with a bow, and if we want to give it a terrifying touch, stick a plastic spider, they are sold in any bazaar or toy store, especially at this time.

Halloween crafts, pumpkins with surprise for sweets

Another nice and simple idea. We cut a large circle of orange pinocchio paper, we put the sweets in the center, we gathered and rolled the paper over the sweets and we fixed what the trunk would be, giving it several turns of a green or brown heat.

Halloween crafts, pumpkin treat bags

In this case you should buy orange paper and cardboard bags. The children must leave the imprint of their hand painted with green tempera on the cardboard, let them dry, cut out, fill the bag with the sweets, close by turning the edge and fix the hand and a few pieces of raffia with a clamp.

Halloween crafts, bat bags for sweets

These bats are made from an elongated black cardboard rectangle. Then you have to fold the rectangle to form the base and close the bag, glue the wings behind and the fangs and eyes in front. In the link you see below the image you will find photos of the step by step.

How beautiful they are!

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Ideas for Halloween. The sweets

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