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How to become more energetic

young women

It’s no secret that life in modern society requires a huge amount of energy. Studying, working, traffic jams, evening parties – all this just devours the energy and time of young people. But, on the other hand, it happens that after a working week you come home, full of strength and new ideas. And sometimes it happens that already on Monday I want to quit.

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How is this possible? Why doesn’t even loud music help me wake up in the morning and make me go brush my teeth? The fact is that it is definitely impossible to answer this question. There are many reasons. This may be the rhythm of a person’s life, the conditions in which he lives, his attitude to work. Some even attribute this to a lack of sufficient UV light.

young women

In addition to the physical factors that affect all of us, there are also psychological factors. Unfortunately, it is customary not to take them seriously, but this is an erroneous point of view. The editors of “So Easy!” Advises you to pay attention to the following possible causes of your lethargic state.

Tired nerd falling asleep on a bunch of booksTired nerd falling asleep on a bunch of books

The emotions that you suppress in yourself

Everyone has friends or acquaintances who can borrow something and not give back. And it seems to be a trifle, but unpleasant. You have to strain, be patient and reassure yourself that if the thing is not returned next week, then it is certainly worth recalling about it.

Distraint, bankruptcy and execution concept. Confiscation of sav

But a week passes, and everything remains in place. You strain again, pull yourself together and remind the person of duty. He asks to wait. And now, when you are already completely at the limit, a person returns yours as if nothing had happened and goes about his business. It seems that everything fell into place, but the internal tension in you remains.

There are many examples, but what unites them is that they all accumulate within us. They accumulate and develop into chronic fatigue syndrome. By the way, the desires that you suppress in yourself are postponed by a heavy load of emotions no worse.

The desire to meet the expectations of others

Parents, friends, often colleagues at work – all those who surround us certainly have a huge influence on us. These people want to see you as the perfect person, good in everything. Bad habits – never. Difficulties in work – excluded. Don’t go shopping together – forget it all.

We have to live with it and try to comply. To be a good child for parents (or at least pretend), always help friends, and forget about laziness at work. Of course, all this is not reflected in the best way within us. The tension arises enormous, and you can forget about the excess energy for yourself.

Unfriendly environment

Sometimes it happens that the weekend went well, everything seems to be fine, the morning is peppy, the coffee is delicious, and the shower is hot. And at work, the forces go away in the first half hour. Immediately come thoughts of banal laziness. No need to reproach yourself immediately.

Often the problem lies elsewhere. Namely, in a working environment. The boss yells without stopping, colleagues tease and do not show participation. Even the cashier in the dining room does not accept crumpled bills. And this stress is 5 or even 6 days a week. Obviously, all this leads to the accumulation of stress. And to change the work team or the more so the place of work is quite problematic. This whole situation takes your energy non-stop.
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How to wake up awake

But how to deal with this? Here are a couple of life hacks that will always help you feel confident.

  • Take a closer look at yourself, do you experience any similar inconvenience associated with the environment. Perhaps you are internally a very strong and peppy person and all these psychological problems do not concern you at all.

  • Learn to say no. To refuse petty requests when there is no time or desire is quite a healthy decision. You are an adult who should have his own personal time.
  • If you expect any accomplishments, then this is not a reason to make these expectations the meaning of your life. You always need to adhere to your own views on life, others will wait.

  • Keep a balance of physical and moral development . Yoga, a gym will perfectly help to unload your brains and not think about your problems for a while. But after training, the decision can come by itself. You just have to try.
  • If the source of the problem is found, do not delay its solution until later. Why continue to load your nervous system with such stress.

Closeup portrait confident smiling woman holding hugging herself isolated blue wall

A person must always maintain balance. After all, your peppy life is not a privilege, but a norm. Mental, as well as physical state inside you, are the most important parts of one system. If you change the quality of one, then the quality of the other will always change. In order to prevent this, you need to take care of yourself with special care. After all, it affects you both externally and internally.

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