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Ideas for Halloween. The sweets

This idea for wrapping chupa chups is great. With black paper we wrap each lollipop, holding the paper underneath with a red pipe cleaner. Then we wrap another two pipe cleaners around the stick and fold it into the shape of the legs. To finish we glue eyes for crafts and if you wish, some white paper fangs.

ideas  halloween

Another great idea for wrapping lollipops, ghosts, and skeletons. In the link that is below the image you can download the templates (you will find them in the list of materials). You just have to cut out the shapes on black or white cardboard, and draw the details with markers. Before putting the bodies, wrap the lollipops with black or white tissue paper.hawleen


At the link below the image you can download this box in the shape of a haunted house for free. After printing it, you must assemble it and fill it with sweets. You will find the download link on the page that will open to you, at the end of the post, it is a large light blue button.


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