Morning exercises that will make you an active peppy creature 24 hours ahead

Many people know that raising yourself from bed to utter wounds is another test. And what can we say about morning exercises , when things are already overwhelming: bring yourself in order and feed your family a healthy breakfast.

But it is worth taking the habit of performing these simple exercises, and in an instant you will turn into a happy, cheerful and full of human strength! The main thing is that you need to perform them leisurely, thoughtfully and lying in bed. Well, what is not a pleasure?

The editors of “So Easy!” Know exactly how to make useful and enjoyable in the morning!

Morning exercises

1 Stretching the spine

Take a deep breath, extend your arms above your head and turn your palms against the wall. The knees should be straight and the socks stretched. Stay in this position for 5 seconds. Breathe out. Relax. Just 3 repetitions of this exercise will help awaken your spine.

2 Warm up the joints

Lying on the back, bend the right leg, and put the left on the bent knee of the right leg. Grasp your right knee with your hands. Breathe deeply for 5 seconds. Change legs. This exercise will help to effectively stretch the joints, and even strengthen the gluteal muscles! Do 4–5 reps for each leg.

3 Knees to the chest

Lie on your back and pull the bended knees to your chest. Hold in this position for 10 seconds. Do 5-6 reps. Such an exercise can do real miracles. It easily stimulates the body and mind, prompting a great start to the day!.

4 Turn

This exercise will help increase blood circulation and strengthen your back muscles. Stretch one of the arms, bend your knees and stretch in the opposite direction. The shoulder blades should touch the mattress. Stay in this position for 10 seconds. Repeat this twist in the other direction. Do 5-6 reps and you will feel more energetic.

5 Lean forward.

Sit on the bed and stretch your legs. Take a deep breath. As you exhale, reach for your socks. Take a deep breath again, exhale and go even deeper. Remember that the neck also needs to be pulled forward. Do 10 reps and relax your body. Such an exercise will prepare the spine and back muscles for the working day. By the way, this exercise is simply indispensable for those who are in a sitting position most of the day!

6 Stretching the back muscles

Sit on the edge of the bed and place your legs on the floor. Stretch your head and hands to the floor. Relax and count to 5. This simple exercise is an effective way to wake up and stretch your back muscles. 5-6 repetitions will give a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

Performing such a charge does not take much time, but the result is worth it! You will feel much healthier, more alert and ready for a new productive day. So why not make it a good morning habit?


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