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Named the best age for childbirth! Women, surprise!

The issue of family planning is now more relevant than ever. In the era of early adulthood and dubious morality, children are randomly born, and an amazing gift becomes a heavy burden. On the other hand, many women primarily realize themselves through a career, neglecting family relationships. For them, the question of the birth of a child is posed from the position of “Is it not too late.”

The editors of “So Easy!” Tried to find a balance in the current situation and analyzed scientific articles and magazines for you, which tell you in detail what time to give birth.

Best age for childbirth

Surely you remember how very recently all women after 25 years were called “old-born”. The optimal age for conception was considered the interval between 20 and 27 years. How terribly worried those who did not have time to give birth to a child! Recent scientific discoveries have made it possible to refute such theories.

There are many disputes about the age of women in labor. On the one hand, the young body produces healthy eggs, is healthy and strong, and after childbirth is quickly restored. On the other hand, educating a child correctly is a heavy responsibility for a young mother.

Dr. John Mirowski, University of Texas, put forward a new theory. His research has proven that the ideal age for having a baby is 34 years. Here are some of his arguments for late pregnancy .

1 Awareness

You have time to think carefully about the desire to have a baby and carefully weigh your opportunity to raise it.

2 Material base

Financial stability gives you confidence that your child will be provided in the best way.

3 Proven Relationships

By this time, marriage is gaining stability. No minor quarrels are capable of undermining it. You know for sure that your partner will always support you.

4 Stable career.

You have a certain position in society, you know where to go on maternity leave and, most importantly, where to return after. Agree, a tangible fulcrum!

However, there are a number of negative consequences of late pregnancy . Pregnancy after 40 years increases the risk of complications and the development of diseases of a chronic nature, the reproductive system slows down, so older mothers must bear the baby under close medical supervision.

No matter what age you plan to have a baby, remember that this event will change your life forever. Approach him with great responsibility and seriousness . Be sure to share important information with your friends – who knows, maybe they are also ready to make the most important decision in their life!

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