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    recycled crafts with bottles

    How to make gift boxes with bottles

    Long live  creative recycling ! Today we want to share with you this compilation that we have prepared with the  30 recycled crafts with plastic bottles  that we have shown you over time. We have put all these fantastic  bottle crafts together  in a single post so you can save it and consult it whenever it works for you. We will see crafts […]

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    You use it every day and you can’t imagine what you can do with it. Paper is a GREAT raw material to decorate and make all kinds of crafts, no matter how old you are. You can not only make beautiful cards: run through different types of papers and make garlands, photocalls , lamps and even plants! We have collected […]

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    10 simple exercises for beautiful arms and a tightened chest

    French TV presenter and bestselling author “After 10 weeks – 10 years younger” Camille Woler has developed a set of exercises for a beautiful chest, which is popular all over the world. For training, special equipment is not required, so you can start immediately after reading the article. The female half of Lifegoodwithfitness editorial staff has tested all these exercises and […]

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    12 habits that we used to consider harmless. But in vain

    Everyone knows that staying up late or overeating is harmful. But sometimes even our seemingly harmless habits can pose a health hazard. Do you know that if you sneeze while holding your nose, you can get to the hospital? Or that chewing gum can not only deprive you of fillings, but also make it more dispersed? Lifegoodwithfitness has compiled […]

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    10 irreplaceable tricks to help say goodbye to oily hair once and for all

    The problem of oily hair can spoil the mood of any girl. Tricks with styling, frequent washing, a battery of care products for all occasions – nothing helps. Greasy strands make the appearance groomed and cause a desire to avoid public places, and at the same time mirrors. Lifegoodwithfitness understands all the pain of owners of often […]

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    How to fall asleep in 2 minutes: a method that is used in the US Army

    Young man sleeping in bed

    Each of us has his own battles and battles in life. Lack of sleep  is one of them, associated with stress, lack of daily routine, emotional shocks that we experience daily. According to statistics , 70 million people in the United States suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders. Having a cool dark bedroom no longer helps the modern person to […]

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    8 stress management methods psychologists use

    Prepare the dish and be extremely pedantic in the choice of ingredients

    Psychologists are specialists who help us solve problems, overcome fears and sort ourselves out so that we feel calm. However, they are also people and, like all of us, are subject to stress, which we need to deal with somehow. Lifegoodwithfitness will tell you about the quick stress management methods that professionals themselves use. 1. Write down […]

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    6 exercises to help overcome knee pain, feet and hips

    The percentage of people suffering from chronic knee pain is quite high both in  Russia and  abroad . But we already often face daily minor injuries and overloads. Here are some tips to help you feel better with simple physical exercises. Bright Side is always ready to help when it comes to health and well-being. That’s why we suggest you try out these […]

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    11 photos proving that women definitely have superpowers

    According to scientists, all women have a number of superpowers that men do not have: they can distinguish more shades of color, they have stronger immunity and are more prone to  empathy and manifestation of intuition than men. Women have unique abilities to detect danger and can do several tasks at the same time without much effort. The photos from this list illustrate […]