Vitamin that quadruples weight loss

Vitamin that quadruples weight loss

Taking vitamin D supplements can significantly increase weight loss, according to a recent study.

Researchers found that in people who took vitamin D supplements, weight loss was four times the weight loss without taking vitamin.

Vitamin D also doubled the number of centimeters taken from their waist.

Low levels of vitamin D have been repeatedly associated with overweight and obesity.

Nearly 40 percent of obese people are deficient in vitamin D.

The study included 400 obese and overweight people with vitamin D deficiency.

They were put on a low-calorie diet and divided into three groups.

One group took 25,000 IU of vitamin D per month, the second took 100,000 IU of vitamin D per month, and the control group did not take any.

After six months, the results showed that both groups of vitamin D lost more weight than those who did not take this vitamin.

Those who took 100,000 or about 3,000 IU per day had a weight loss of 5 kg.

People taking 25,000 IU, or about 800 IU per day, lost almost 4 kg.

In comparison, those on a calorie-restricted diet lost only 1 kg in weight in six months.

The authors of the study write:

“Current evidence suggests that in obese and overweight people with vitamin D deficiency, vitamin D supplementation can help reduce weight and increase the benefits of a low-calorie diet.”

Measurements of the waist during the diet also showed that vitamin D had a great effect.

Those who took 100,000 IU lost an average of 5 cm from their waist, compared with just over 2 cm in the other in the control group.

Researchers concluded:

“All obese people should check their vitamin D levels for deficiency and, if there is one, start taking supplements.”

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