When looking at what numbers in the passport it is worth thinking about the birth of a child

Happy mother with newborn baby
Happy mother with newborn baby

To find out the optimal age of a woman for the birth of a child , scientists have conducted more than one study. And although the results are slightly different each time, it cannot be denied that the age of the parents affects both the health and the subsequent life of the baby.

Children who were born to too young mothers (under 19 years old) often find themselves in less favorable starting conditions. But later children , as a rule, are more likely to get a prosperous childhood, and enough attention from their parents, and a quality education, although they are not always distinguished by good health.

Happy mother with newborn baby
Happy mother with newborn baby

Birth Conditions

Researchers have determined that pregnancy before 19, and also after 35 years old, is associated with a great risk for both the mother and the baby. And although over the past three decades, the number of pregnancies at an early age has decreased, but still every tenth child in the world is born to a teenage mother. Moreover, this problem is in most cases inherent in underdeveloped countries.

picture of happy mother with baby in hands

With regard to late pregnancies, the number of women giving birth to their firstborn after 35 years old has grown by about 5 times over the past half century. True, we are talking more about countries with developed economies. But even these data are enough to analyze how the age of the mother affects the life of the baby.

It turns out that children of young mothers (before 19) and older mothers (after 35) have elevated blood sugar levels when compared with children of mothers aged 20–25 years.

Also, babies of too young mothers are more likely to be born prematurely, often have problems with lack of weight, and often grow poorly. And in adulthood, these children have problems with learning. Perhaps the latter is also due to the fact that young parents do not have enough time and opportunities to help the child with getting an education.

But the babies of older mothers, although more often born prematurely, rarely have problems with growth and, as a rule, study pretty well. In general, such babies have more opportunities for comprehensive development than children of younger and often less affluent parents.





Mother suffering and baby crying desperately
Recently, women themselves have more often preferred to give birth after 30 years, when they are already standing firmly on their feet, but the risks are also growing, as health problems are becoming greater. And every year. Therefore, the ideal age for the birth of a child (according to scientists) is 34 years.

Texas scientists even determined that a woman who gave birth to a first-born at 34 years old will at any age feel 14 years younger (and have adequate health) than the one who gave birth to a first-born at 18. Although not all experts share this point of view, paying attention that in the presence of a number of somatic diseases, the probability of having a healthy baby without harming one’s own health decreases over the years.

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