Why stretch your legs in the morning

Flexibility is youth. No wonder yoga always say so to their wards. The older you get, the more your tendons lose their elasticity , and the range of motion decreases significantly.

However, daily exercise can dramatically change this situation. In addition, such a morning exercise perfectly removes all drowsiness and lethargy!

Morning exercises for women


  1. It improves blood circulation. Stretching accelerates blood well and relieves night cramps. Also, exercises stimulate the improvement of oxygen circulation in all muscle tissues, as well as organs and systems.

By stretching a certain part of the body you improve the performance of your brain and increase concentration. In addition, stretching stimulates the production of endorphins, which in turn helps fight stress and anxiety.

Fit woman doing stretching pilates exercises in fitness studio.

When you stretch your muscles, you not only help your body wake up, but also restore blood flow . The fact is that after sleeping, the amount of fluid around the disc increases and you can feel significant discomfort.

Today we will show you some quick, but very effective stretch marks, which it is advisable to give at least 5-6 minutes immediately after sleep.

Portrait of sport girl doing yoga stretching exercise . yoga

stretching Some stretching is necessary for this stretching, but over time you will be able to do it fully. In order to fulfill it you need to become straight, spreading your legs shoulder width apart. After that, begin to slowly stretch your arms toward the floor, gradually rounding your back. Your goal is to touch the floor with your hands.

Most likely you will not be able to do this the first time, but every day you will be able to bend lower and lower. Morning exercises for women after 50 must include this exercise. It stretches the muscles of the back of the thigh and trains the back well.

Most likely you will not be able to do this the first time, but every day you will be able to bend lower and lower. Morning exercises for women after 50 must include this exercise. It stretches the muscles of the back of the thigh and trains the back well.

Yoga. Woman doing exercises in the gym
Stretch your back and legs.
To do this stretch, sit on the floor and stretch your legs forward. In this exercise, your setup is to wrap your arms around your feet. In no case do not ask someone to help you. The most important thing here is leisureliness and gradualness . Only with measured and unhurried performance of this exercise will it bring real benefits to your body.
With one leg up.
To complete this exercise, rest your left hand on the floor and lift your right leg up while holding it with your right hand.This exercise perfectly develops a sense of balance and helps to increase concentration. Efficiency will increase for the whole day!


These exercises not only perfectly stretch the muscles of the back and legs, but also have a good effect on women’s health. This is the best morning exercise for women of any age.

Stretching can help not only rejuvenate joints and relieve muscle tension, but also relieve anxiety and cheer up . That is why it is often recommended to office workers who spend a lot of time in a sitting position.

We also remind you of the benefits of exercises for the spine , which is the basis of your body. Be sure to monitor his health and respond to any pain.

But for a good mood, try not only to stretch, but also bring a little spring into your apartment . Comprehensive care of your mental and physical health can bring a satisfactory result and improve the quality of your life.

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